Open Source or Enterprise Grade communications software from Telestax? See the comparison table below.

  • What’s included?
  • License
  • Security
  • Code updates
  • Documentation and training
  • Support
  • Management and monitoring extensions
  • 3rd party integration testing
  • Extensive load and simulation testing
  • High Availability
  • Automatic NAT Traversal
  • FREE! Open Source
  • Open access to upstream source code and files
  • AGPL
  • Code is updated daily with new experimental features.
  • Community Wiki updated sparingly.
  • Volunteer public forum support.
  • Enterprise
  • Subscription access to all
    thoroughly tested, commercial grade Telestax products.
  • Commercial use license.
  • Access Control List, Encryption, Denial of Service protection, Fraud Alerts.
  • Rigorously tested binary updates, security alerts and hot patches.
  • A rich knowledge base with the latest product documentation, examples and videos. Professional training.
  • World class expert support. Follow-the-sun carrier grade SLA.
  • Provided as part of release distribution.
  • Each release is tested with a range of 3rd party software and equipment.
  • Each release is extensively tested under sustained load and real-world simulated scenarios.
  • Robust and carrier tested Load Balancing, Fault Tolerance, Replication and Geo-Distribution.
  • Transparent NAT traversal for 99% of real-world cases. STUN and ICE available.

Consulting and Training Services

TeleStax also provides a variety of consulting and training services.

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