Thanks to the following companies for offering free licenses to help improve our open source projects:


Thanks to the following companies for contributing Bug Fixes, enhancements, new features or testing to help improve our open source projects. If your name is not listed here and you contributed to the ecosystem, feel free to reach out.

Restcomm Core

  • Scott Barstow, from Bandwidth.com contributed Bandwidth phone number provisioning.
  • Henrique Cuhna, Reported Restcomm MySQL integration and contributed a suggestion/patch for it.
  • Lyle Pratt/Better Voice, Countless hours of testing and making sure that the project is a success.
  • Dean Anderson, VP of Engineering at HealthSense:
    • Integration with AT&T Natural voices
    • Extensive testing with complex real-life use cases
    • A number of valid issues related to integration with third party SIP services
  • Inphonex:
    • Early sponsor of Restcomm development


SIP Servlets


  • Tom Uijldert from ContactMakers :
    • Contributed MSRP Resource Adaptor.
    • Contributed TFTP Stack and Resource Adaptor.
  • Buddy Bright
  • David Cipolla
  • Francesco Moggia
  • Ivan McShane
  • Leon Do
  • Marco Monteiro
  • M. Ranganathan
  • Neutel Rodrigues
  • Niklas Uhrberg
  • Pavel Mitrenko
  • Sabri Skhiri
  • Sancho Rego
  • Tim Fox
  • Carl-Magnus Björkell
  • Vilius Panevėžys

Charging Server

  • Raamkanna Saranathan from TechGaia Limited, Dubai, UAE:
    • Added Immediate Event Charging (IEC) support;
    • Added Rating Engine HTTP Client;
    • Added initial support for Call Data Record (CDR) generation;
    • Created several seagull test scenarios;
    • Several other enhancements;
  • Naka Mobile: Early sponsor of Charging Server development and CAMEL Gateway


Media Server

  • Mitchell Ackerman from pgi :
  • Yulian Oifa from Galei Phone:
    • Completed JSR 309 certification.
    • Implemented SBC features to support symmetric NAT traversal for RTP.
    • Implemented multi-CPU/core scheduler.







  • Normandes Jose Moreira Junior from CTBC
    • Helped in testing the RestComm SMSC with core network
  • Wasim Baig from Convergence
    • Helped in testing the RestComm SMSC with core network. Reported bugs and load test SMSC

USSD Gateway





Bug Reports, enhancements or features for the various projects located in our RestComm Incubator were contributed by the following people/companies: