TelScale RestComm is a next generation Cloud Communications Platform. It allows web developers to rapidly build voice, video, WebRTC, USSD, SMS, fax and rich messaging applications. Restcomm opens new revenue streams for service providers by exposing existing SS7 and IMS core network assets to application developers.

Restcomm enables apps such as telehealth, group communication, in-game messaging, online experience sharing, interactive customer support and others.

Telecom Application Development is within reach of only a small number of highly trained engineers with deep understanding of communications infrastructure, protocols and regulatory policies. VoIP was introduced in the 90s and a gradual shift took place from legacy PSTN/SS7 infrastructure to Internet Protocol based communications. However even though the Internet has been now mainstream for more than 20 years, VoIP is still out of reach to most software developers. It still requires good knowledge in real-time communication protocols such as SIP, RTP, Diameter and others.

Restcomm is here to change that! Joining a wave of innovating companies and service providers, Restcomm brings common sense to the millions of web developers with an intuitive and powerful set of RESTful APIs. Read the Restcomm data sheet.

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