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Communications service providers can help enterprises to create a positive experience for their customers by offering them new ways to communicate. Text instead of call, single click to call, or chat in real time. Add chatbots to customer service apps. Use SMS to push notifications to guarantee information is received.


Federate disparate messaging platforms to increase collaboration. With Restcomm from Telestax it’s easy to begin with one communication method and painlessly add another. Restcomm is the right choice to deliver the most in-demand CPaaS applications.

Our Products

Communications service providers maintain their trusted relationships with enterprise customers as Restcomm works seamlessly with SMPP and SS7

Message Exchange

15 minutes to send SMS messages outside of the Cisco Broadsoft UC-One Network

Programmable Voice

Build real-time innovative voice applications with Restcomm.


Embed real-time video and audio into applications using rich WebRTC SDKs.

Programmable SMS

Providers help enterprises deliver a better communication experience to their customers with Restcomm.

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