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New Telestax CEO Loves CPaaS Enablement

December 3, 2018
Earlier this week Telestax made the exciting announcement that our board of directors unanimously elected Paul Doscher to be our new CEO. The entire company is buzzing with excitement about the future of Telestax under Paul’s guidance. Paul’s background is rich in open source. He was previously selected to lead three open source companies as their CEO – Telestax makes it number four. Before joining Telestax, Paul spent over 25 years in executive roles for noteworthy...

Telestax: Frost & Sullivan CPaaS Enabling Technology Winner

September 10, 2018
I am very pleased to say that Telestax was notified in June, by Frost and Sullivan, that we had earned their 2018 North American Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Since then, we spent two long months staying quiet so as not to pre-announce our achievement ahead of Frost and Sullivan. We can now tell the market how honored and excited we are to have been awarded this prestigious honor. It is important to note that Frost and...

RestcommONE WebRTC On Steroids

June 28, 2018
A while back, I was asked by our Latin America sales team to participate in a WebRTC-based contact center product demo hosted by a prospective partner, Eolos.  I thought to myself “OK - another contact center product.” What I expected and what I experienced were two very different things. This was not your typical contact center product. Instead I was introduced to Mandala, a very special contact center – one that almost seemed human. This contact center was...

The BIG Difference Between CPaaS Providers and CPaaS Enablers

June 5, 2018
CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) is a fairly new term in the market so a definition is helpful to those who may not be familiar with it. CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that allows organizations to add real-time communication capabilities (voice, messaging and video) to business applications by deploying programmable APIs (Application Programming Interface). CPaaS software provides a framework that includes everything needed to build, launch and support...

The Computing Road To CPaaS

May 26, 2018
A little over a week ago, I had a lunch meeting with an analyst covering the CPaaS space. We were talking about how CPaaS is changing the way things have historically been done. His focus was on the change that needs to happen within the service provider business model. Service providers have historically sold add-on services to their customers. In the consumer market, it is internet, voice, television, etc. In the commercial market it is voice, internet, unified...

Commercial CPaaS Providers Are NOT Service Provider Friends

May 10, 2018
The CPaaS market is really heating up. This is great news for all participants because it means that organizations are beginning to realize the power and benefits to be had from real-time messaging and voice communications. What it also means is that Twilio is becoming a household name. Twilio and other commercial CPaaS providers make their money the same way service providers make their money – moving communications traffic (SMS and Voice calls). Make no mistake, the...

Telecom Services Need CPaaS Glue For Enterprise Stickiness

May 5, 2018
In conversations with our telco partners, we often hear that the wholesale voice and SMS traffic business has been great. However, they are increasingly under price pressure from competitors; and it’s hard to hold on to enterprise accounts without matching the ever lowering prices. The big question from our telco partners is how to achieve better telecom services to enterprise stickiness that protects existing revenues and allows for expansion. Telestax believes the...

Dear American Airlines: CPaaS Enable Customer Communications

April 27, 2018
This is a little rant about an airline that really needs to step into 2018 by using CPaaS to vastly improve customer satisfaction. And by the way, American Airlines, it is not hard. Recently, I traveled to Austin for a board meeting and an offsite planning session with my Telestax executive team. Having all of my miles on American Airlines, I tend to use this airline as my first choice for air travel. A downside to American Airlines is you can’t get there from here....

Sompopo Uses RestcommONE CPaaS for their E-Commerce Platform

April 11, 2018
Recarga Veloz is one of two mobile airtime dealers representing Tigo-Honduras, the largest operator in the country with over a 65% market share. Recarga Veloz serves more than 20K transactions throughout its territory with approximately 500K transactions on a monthly basis. The company was experiencing explosive growth serving their mobile market so they decided to move further into PoS by offering a rich marketplace platform that connects retailers directly to consumers....

If it’s not Full Stack it’s not a CPaaS

April 5, 2018
Last Saturday evening my husband and I sat down to watch an episode of the show “The Good Wife” from our Amazon Prime account. I mentioned in a previous blog how much I love my Amazon Kindle Fire TV Stick. We have subscriptions to Prime, Netflix and Hulu. Before the Fire Stick (or Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast), each service was an island that had to be accessed and managed individually. Now with these products, you enter an integrated environment where you can...
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