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2FA Delivers Account Security and More for Travel Industry

Airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other travel and hospitality businesses depend on 2FA with one-time password to help protect data and deliver a world-class user experience.

Most popular applications rely on two-factor authentication (2FA) as the best method to verify user identity when signing up or logging into online applications. This is especially important with the sensitive information communicated and stored away from home. Communications service providers (CSPs) can better serve their enterprise travel and hospitality customers by enabling 2FA that is specifically tailored to their needs.

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Travel and hospitality businesses use booking portals to share deals, confirm itineraries, provide information, and more. 2FA implementation can allow customers access to their account history securely and privately, save credit or debit card information for a faster checkout experience, and gain the status of a verified account that can book now and pay later.

Account Registration and Security

Travel and hospitality businesses can introduce Smart 2FA into the sign-up process to simplify new registrations or the log-in process of returning users. By simply entering a phone number, the user receives a PIN or code via email, SMS, or voice call. Once they enter it, they are able to access the travel or hospitality service and quickly search, book, and pay for their upcoming experience.

Live Chat

Travel and hospitality businesses often introduce a live chat functionality on their website as a customer service channel. Agents are able to verify the identity of a customer by sending an OTP to the phone number on file or by asking the user to enter it in the chat box before they make any changes to the ticket, reservation, or itinerary.

Fast, Secure Protection for Frequent Flyers

Frequent flyers are often seeking a fast, easy, and secure booking experience. Financial details and government-issued identification need to be on file for these high-value travelers to quickly book tickets on any channel, whether online, by phone or using SMS chatbots. To combine convenience with security, Smart 2FA offers frequent flyers an automatic recognition of their account details on file as well as dynamic security via OTP delivered using SMS, email, or voice channels.

Unlike other 2FA solutions, Smart 2FA offers additional protection from caller-id “spoofing.” The Restcomm Smart 2FA application programming interface (API) will recognize the frequent flyer customer phone number, or “from” number and pass it to the travel agency API to see if it matches any of the customers on file. If it does, then the customer will receive an OTP on another channel (SMS or email). Once the user enters the OTP, they are authenticated and able to search, book, and pay for their upcoming flight in seconds. Sending the OTP on a different channel like SMS or email on file is the best way to ensure maximum security for the caller.

Smart 2FA Value

With Smart 2FA, a provider can offer a dedicated 2FA solution especially tailored to the needs of its travel and hospitality enterprise customers. Contact to find out more.

Or access the full Telestax Smart 2FA Guidebook to learn about the ways 2FA can be used for financial, healthcare, services, travel, and other businesses today.

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