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2FA for Retail and Online Marketplace Enterprises

Retail and online marketplace businesses depend on 2FA with one-time password to help protect data and deliver a superior customer experience.

Most popular applications rely on two-factor authentication (2FA) as the best method to verify user identity when signing up or logging into online applications.

According to a recent Google Security report, receiving a secondary SMS code blocked 100 percent of automated attacks, 96 percent of bulk phishing attacks, and most direct, targeted attacks.

Communications service providers (CSPs) and others in the communications industry can better serve their enterprise retail and online marketplace customers by enabling 2FA that is specifically tailored to their needs. One of the ways to do this is with Telestax Smart 2FA.

Access the Smart 2FA Guidebook

Loyalty Programs

Both retail and online marketplaces can win more business by providing the consumer with a loyalty program. A phone number or email is a user-friendly and cost-effective method to register consumers in a loyalty program and customers can sign up during checkout. Smart 2FA helps to verify the user phone number allowing the user to redeem points or gain access to their point balance in real time.

Electronic Receipts

Consumers around the world visit grocery stores to buy needed goods, completing their transactions with a paper receipt. Now, grocers can collect phone numbers from customers to provide electronic receipts and also use that phone number to deliver discounts or coupons and promote store events.

Expense Tracking

This approach unlocks a new feature for consumers and merchants where both can track the spending by customer phone number and then use this data for savings recommendations. For privacy reasons, this data should only be accessible by the customer with strong security measures. Smart 2FA can be triggered to ensure that accessing digital receipts is only possible when the customers want to do so.

Smart 2FA Value

With Smart 2FA, a provider can offer a dedicated 2FA solution especially tailored to the needs of its retail and online marketplace enterprise customers. Contact to find out more.

Or access the full Telestax Smart 2FA Guidebook to learn about the ways 2FA can be used for financial, healthcare, services, travel, and other businesses today.

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