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3 Quick Case Studies for CPaaS

Find out how organizations can meet key business goals and experience success with Telestax CPaaS.

1. Top Rideshare Application Protects Users with Number Masking

Rideshare applications are a fast and convenient way to travel, but the concept wouldn’t be nearly as popular without the security of Number Masking

A well-known rideshare company sought to protect the personal cell phone numbers of both the driver and the rider with Number Masking. While Number Masking was the key request, the company also needed call recording, two-factor authentication (2FA), IVR, and enhanced flexibility. 

After reviewing several CPaaS providers, Telestax was ultimately selected because the platform offered a wide variety of turnkey CPaaS applications that met the company’s needs, in addition to the programmable SMS and voice APIs that allowed them to create the experience that’s right for their customers.

2. Large Goods and Apparel Company Relies on 2FA for Branded App

While trends come and go, a great experience never goes out of style. That’s exactly what one large goods and apparel company had in mind when they developed a brand experience application for their customers with a focus on account security. 

When initially searching for an authentication solution using 2FA, it  was important to the company to be able to tie into their current trusted telecommunications provider network so they could benefit from a quality and management perspective. They also wished to gain API integration and access to the workflow.

Telestax delivers 2FA to authenticate new users as well as communications APIs, in a user-friendly interface to manage the workflow. As a multi-brand organization, the company is looking to create additional brand experience applications to serve their many loyal customers.

3. Customer Engagement Solution Provides Messaging, Two-Way Messaging, and Omnichannel Voice with CPaaS

As part of the digital transformation, businesses are constantly striving to reach their customers and prospects wherever they are. That often means leveraging the right communication channels. 

One customer engagement solution wanted to reach out first with SMS, then offer the user an opportunity to connect with a live agent. It was important for the solution to standardize on a platform while keeping costs down and maintaining as much control as possible over the process.

With Telestax, the organization launched an omnichannel solution where customers are first engaged via SMS, and then connected with a live agent using Campaign Manager. Telestax enables the creation of custom call flows with the included Visual Designer. Simply drag and drop individual modules to set up the experience customers prefer.

An added benefit was that the organization was able to standardize on the platform to increase efficiency while taking advantage of the Telestax bring your own carrier (BYOC) feature. BYOC allowed the company to negotiate their own termination rates, gaining more control of phone numbers and maintaining the quality of termination with the carrier partner. 

By offering messaging, two-way messaging, and omnichannel voice, the organization can continue to grow additional business value for their customers.

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