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3 Ways Telestax Focuses on Sales Enablement for Providers

With a unique sales enablement strategy for service providers, Telestax sets itself apart in the growing CPaaS industry. 

This month, the Telestax Team wrapped up yet another successful CPaaS Sales Certification Training for partners in the MENA region, bringing the total number of Certified CPaaS Sales Partners to over 100. 

At this time, we want to congratulate those that have already become CPaaS Sales Certified as well as to call out some of the ways in which Telestax is here to continuously support communications providers with world-class CPaaS sales enablement resources. 

1. CPaaS Sales Certification Training

In September of last year, Telestax became the first in the industry to deliver a CPaaS Sales Certification Training program specifically developed for communications providers. 

According to a report by Synergy Research Group, the CPaaS market is experiencing a 40 percent yearly growth rate, with IDC forecasting a market size of nearly $11 billion by 2022. As communications companies increasingly focus on bringing cloud-based APIs to their enterprise customers, the need for training, knowledge, and best practices has emerged.

As a CPaaS enablement leader, Telestax has demonstrated the ability to deliver communications solutions with programmable voice and SMS, in addition to offering popular turnkey applications like Smart 2FA and Number Masking. Ongoing education and support help to see these solutions through the sale to deployment. 

With both face-to-face and virtual training course options, Telestax offers CPaaS Sales Certification Training to some of the largest organizations in the world, beginning with Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Rave Reviews for CPaaS Sales Certification Training:

“The Telestax CPaaS Sales Certification Training provides a very interactive way to introduce the CPaaS benefits to professionals and experts of more traditional telecom services and infrastructure.” 

“Telestax CPaaS Sales Certification was a really professional training with user-friendly sessions.”

“The CPaaS Sales Certification Training sessions are interactive, so it is not just listening.”

Telestax CPaaS Sales Certification Training is available immediately to current Telestax partners and to non-Telestax partners. Contact for more details. 

2. CPaaS Playbook

Containing nearly 40 different pieces of sales and training collateral related to communications applications and features, the CPaaS Playbook has been developed as a one-stop solution for Telestax Partners seeking education and marketing tools. 

Brochures, case studies, videos, white papers, battle cards, and more are available to help communications providers to learn about programmable voice and programmable SMS APIs, IVR, and turnkey applications like Smart 2FA, Number Masking, Campaign Manager, Call Queuing, and more. 

The CPaaS Playbook is available now for Telestax Partners at

3. Marketing Content and Development

The Telestax Marketing Team is a valuable resource to Partners that require custom content directed toward specific leads, verticals, regions, or technologies. Organizations can begin with a consultation and collaborate to develop and publish the resources needed to sell CPaaS applications and features to business customers. 

Examples have included slide decks, brochures, charts, competitive analysis, and more to effectively communicate the benefits of CPaaS.

As the only CPaaS company with such a robust sales enablement strategy, Telestax invites communications service providers to learn more about how CPaaS can expand product offerings to business customers. Contact to get more information today. 

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