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5 Questions to Ask a Bulk SMS Provider

In comparison to a bulk SMS option, communication service providers can show the enterprise value of CPaaS in just a few questions.

Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) is the easiest way for today’s forward-thinking companies to access the latest communications technology, like SMS, intelligent appointment scheduling, and two-factor authentication, without rebuilding the infrastructure from the ground up. 

CPaaS delivers the building blocks for voice, messaging, video, and phone numbers in one platform, while this is often not the case with bulk SMS providers.

Questions for Business and Enterprise Customers

The following questions can help an enterprise to effectively compare the two options:

  1. Can the bulk SMS provider offer voice, messaging, video, and virtual numbers APIs?
  2. Can they offer a low-code development tool for building app flows visually?
  3. Can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) be added to current real-time communication flows?
  4. How scalable is the API of the bulk SMS provider?
  5. What security practices dues the bulk SMS provider use to keep data secure?

Once they choose the best option for their enterprise, they are on their way to delivering a truly differentiated customer experience.

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