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6 Reasons to Choose Telestax Number Masking with Advanced Features

Not all phone number masking solutions are alike. Today Telestax releases its next-generation turnkey application with advanced features.

Phone number masking is the ability to ensure customers and businesses can make calls and send messages without exposing personal phone numbers. For security, the number is hidden by a temporary phone number to protect the user’s identity.

Users prefer this capability to ensure the privacy of their phone number when interacting with a business, such as a call center with agents working remotely or a ride-sharing application to communicate with a driver. With a ride-share application, for example, both the driver and passenger’s mobile phone numbers are masked and the display for an incoming or outgoing call features a temporary phone number.

The Need for Identity Protection in Mobile Transactions

Valued at $73 billion in 2019 and predicted to reach over $209 billion by 2025, the ride-share market alone promises continued demand for number masking technology. However, number masking is also used with dating apps, e-commerce, logistics providers, healthcare, and many more marketplace, peer-to-peer, and remote work solutions that are being developed each day.

Number Masking Features and Use Cases

All phone number masking solutions on the market today are not developed with the same features. For example, when an enterprise or business customer seeks data usage information to fuel improved customer experience efforts, they may have to go through the provider, making numerous time-consuming requests.

Telestax Number Masking includes:

  1. Geo Match: Match country code to the phone number of origin, facilitating the appearance and display of familiar numbers during incoming calls or texts.
  2. Concurrent Numbers: Use the same phone number in multiple sessions simultaneously for added cost savings and the optimization of resources.
  3. SMS Support: Seamlessly communicate using voice or text within the same session using comprehensive SMS support.
  4. Session Management: Enable number blocking, permanent masked number, session expiration, and more for maximized configurability.
  5. Accessible Usage Records: Easily access usage and support records for increased visibility and control.
  6. Content Screening: Flag unwanted content by keyword and other criteria to limit the sharing of personal information outside the specified platform.

Access the Full Number Masking Advanced Features Brochure

Additionally, organizations can be burdened with the need to purchase many phone numbers in order to do business. Advanced features such as accessible usage records, comprehensive session or context management, and the ability to use the same phone numbers concurrently can deliver more value and enable additional use cases.

Deep Dive on Session Management

With Telestax Number Masking, the session management capabilities enabled as part of the Restcomm platform can extend the length of time a masked number remains active in a given context. For example, food and goods delivery, logistics, or other services can ensure that masked numbers remain live for up to an hour after the ride ends or the delivery has occurred in case of followup questions or concerns.

Going Forward

As a communications provider, business customers rely on you to provide key capabilities like Number Masking. Make sure that you are delivering the most powerful features and education to expand expectations on the use cases and features that Number Masking can offer. Download the brochure or contact to learn more about training sales teams to deliver Number Masking to your business customers.

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