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8 Reasons to Switch from SMPP to HTTP API for SMS

With increased security, faster processing, less resource consumption, and easy integration with other systems, there has never been a better time to make the switch.

Mobile applications have become an essential part of everyday life, from purchasing goods and services to connecting with family and friends. In order to enhance the practicality and effectiveness of these solutions, technologies have been developed to provide for the sending and receiving of SMS or text-based messages. In fact, citing a statistic from IDC, UC Today estimates the value of global voice and messaging markets to be over $8.2 billion and growing.

For years, an SMS was sent using short message peer-to-peer protocol (SMPP). Now applications can send an SMS using the SMS application programming interface (API). This is specifically referred to as the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) API.

The HTTP API not only offers providers a more flexible way to deliver programmable SMS but also opens up nearly unlimited communications features and applications.

Features and Benefits

Switching to HTTP APIs for SMS can deliver the following benefits to communications providers:

  1. Accelerate the rollout of new applications with the more seamlessly integrated HTTP API, while avoiding the time consuming configuration and setup of a typical SMPP interconnection.
  2. Reduce developer burden with APIs that are easier and more intuitive. 
  3. Expand flexibility by adding new features without the limitation of the strictly documented SMPP.
  4. Gain direct access to the components of the service in order to incorporate the features of the provider’s SMS Gateway into relevant systems.
  5. Take advantage of continuous innovation and enhancements with new potential features and functionalities added all the time.
  6. Leverage direct access to the SMS Gateway, for enhanced speed and reliability.
  7. Manage messaging from one interface with an integrated developer experience for a more cohesive view of overall communications.
  8. Support large traffic opportunities available at OTT / SaaS companies.

What’s Next?

As HTTP becomes the standard, many communications platforms are moving away from SMPP connections for SMS services. With HTTP APIs, providers can connect their customers to communications platform as a service (CPaaS) platforms, opening up a new world of revenue-generating possibilities. 

If you’re ready to make the switch, or just want to learn more, contact today.

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