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Adding SMS for Microsoft Teams

With CPaaS you can plug instantly into the Microsoft Teams two-way communication flow to provide users with the ability to send and receive SMS to any phone number.

Microsoft (MS) Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. According to Microsoft, the solution is used by over 500,000 organizations. To make MS Teams even more effective, it can be integrated with SMS for communication with individuals outside of the platform.

The Importance of SMS

With the higher read rate of text messages versus email, enabling SMS for the Microsoft Teams platform can increase response rates. With Telestax Restcomm, communications service providers can help enterprise clients to plug instantly into the MS Teams two-way communication flow to provide MS Teams users with the ability to send and receive SMS to any phone number.

Once the appropriate mapping and authorization is completed by the MS teams administrator and the communications service provider, SMS messages can be sent or received within the MS Teams application.

What is Restcomm?

Restcomm is a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) enablement platform running in the cloud. It provides a developer-friendly RESTful API and a no-code visual designer to help communications service providers and their enterprise customers to build real-time voice and messaging applications in minutes.

Open source software is at the heart of the Restcomm Cloud and it powers it using proven technologies to deliver the simplicity of the cloud and the confidence and freedom of open source.

SMS in Action

The diagram below features Bob, an MS Teams user that wants to send SMS messages to Alice on her cellphone. First Bob will login to MS Teams and and install the Restcomm SMS for MS Teams application to his work space. Bob is then prompted  to enter his login information to authenticate with the Restcomm Cloud Account. 

Bob will then select one of the available phone numbers from the drop-down list to activate and map it to his MS Teams User/Channel. Once that’s done Bob can use the /sms command to send a message from the Microsoft Teams chat window to Alice’s phone number.

Now, when Alice receives a text message from Bob’s virtual number, she can reply to it and the message will instantly appear in Bob’s MS Teams chat window.

It is worth noting that the message is passing through the Restcomm Cloud infrastructure which means that Bob can call an external service (API – Webhook) every time a message is sent or received. This can be extremely useful to update any third-party system with the conversation log automatically.

To learn more about how communications service providers can deliver key CPaaS capabilities like SMS for Microsoft Teams to their enterprise customers, contact

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