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Announcing the Release of RestcommONE SMSC 6.2.0.GA

Telestax is pleased to announce the latest iteration of RestcommONE SMSC 6.2.0.GA. This release is an exciting milestone in our continued strive to produce quality software that will contribute to our customer’s success.
This latest release comes packed with new features that will ensure better user experience.
  • We now have support for datagramm and transactional modes which is a new addition to the ForwardAndStore mode that was available in previous version. This allows for better performance as a user can now configure RestcommONE SMSC Gateway so that messages are stored into the Cassandra database only if a first delivery attempt fails.
  • RestcommONE SMSC Gateway 6.2.0 now comes with support for GSM8 encoding (All GSM7, GSM8 and UCS2 are supported).
  • We have also switched to the latest version of the  JSS7 library and the latest Datastax driver to take avantage of new features and bug fixes.
  • There are also updates to the Graphical User Interface that now shows statistic counters of major key parameters like: numbers of (messages received / sent.)
  • We also introduced a way to process special Xheaders for SIP messages that will facilitate sending UDH to/from SIP etc.
  • SMSC Pause Option: A user can now pause message delivery (incoming storeAndForward messages will be stored into a database, incoming
    datagramm, transactional and forwardAndStore messages will be rejected).
  •  Another interesting new feature is the MESSAGE_TEXT field. This is a new field in the database that will show messages in plaintext. This is in addition to  UDH  binary database field which are existed in previous version. This new new field can contribute to better debugging for SMSC Administrators.
  • RestcommONE SMSC Gateway now accepts TypeOfNumber TON_NATIONAL.
  • Additional configuration feature: RestcommONE SMSC Gateway has extra configuring feature which allows you to store
    records into CDRs, archive database tables, reject all incoming SS7 originated messages and many more.


You can downlaod the binary version HERE

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