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Be a Session Micromanager with Telestax Number Masking

Manage phone number masking context details down to the second with Telestax Session Management.

In a world of complexity and disorganization, wouldn’t it be nice to get your own way for a change? Imagine setting up a communication context where every nuance and detail worked exactly how you defined it. With the Telestax Number Masking application, you are free to shed your inhibitions and manage nearly every facet of the phone number masking session or context – down to the second.

Make small adjustments to increase customer engagement, improve user experience, or even create a new use case. The completely turnkey Number Masking application from Telestax comes loaded with advanced features that enable a host of innovative CPaaS use cases. From expanding customer engagement via SMS and voice to creating standalone products, Session Management allows carriers, providers, and operators to help enterprise and business customers to more effectively leverage all that cloud communications can offer.

Change a Setting, Change the World

Enable phone number blocking, set up a permanent masked number, define session length or expiration, and more for maximized configurability. As part of Session Management, you select how long a masked number is available by setting session or context deadlines, or automatically terminate sessions based on defined criteria.

For example:

  • Ride share, food and goods delivery, logistics, or other services can use Session Management to ensure that masked numbers remain live for up to an hour after the ride ends or the delivery has occurred in case of followup questions or concerns.
  • Remote workers can set up permanent masked numbers to avoid the risk of displaying personal mobile phone numbers when doing business.
  • All organizations can leverage call blocking and routing to an external IVR or URL to ensure that communication occurs in a safe and timely manner.

How It Works

Telestax Number Masking is perfect for the detail-oriented. When you access the Number Masking application through the console, you will be able to define many different parameters which affect the ways in which the application will function.

Set the default Time to Live with the increments in seconds. This determines how long the phone number will stay active during a session or context. Depending on your use case, there are many reasons to set a longer or shorter duration from improved customer experience to user security.

Geographically match numbers from country codes around the world to ensure familiarity and trust during transactions. Set a Callback URL for post-session communication in the event, for example, that a customer’s order is not correct, or they have misplaced belongings during a ride share.

By changing the parameters within a context or session, you can turn a regular masked number into a permanent masked number with no expiration date. This can allow remote workers such as call center agents to utilize a recognized company number indefinitely. For the communication mode, you can select voice, SMS, or both.

With Telestax Number Masking Session Management, there is no shame in being a micromanager. In fact, it can help to ensure a better user experience, increase engagement, and create game changing new use cases for your organization.

Take control of your phone number masking experience by logging into the Number Masking application today, or contact for more information.

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