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Blast SMS, Voice, and Email Messages with Campaign Manager

Telestax releases Campaign Manager turnkey CPaaS application to enable high-volume SMS, voice, and email messaging campaigns.

Telestax Campaign Manager takes the chaos and disorganization out of planning an SMS, voice, or email campaign. With this turnkey application, any organization can set up a campaign in minutes. A cloud-based solution, Campaign Manager allows organizations to send the same message to multiple recipients, over multiple channels.

Download the Campaign Manager Brochure

Blast content to millions of people at the same time to make important announcements, conduct surveys or polls, gain feedback, and more – all via SMS, voice, or email.

Campaigns for Business

For example, a florist business owner with no development experience can quickly take SMS-based promotions surrounding various holidays and themes from idea to reality with Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager can also be used with Telestax Restcomm Visual Designer to create bi-directional voice campaigns that connect with live agents to deliver personalized experiences.

Your Business Customers Can Benefit from Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is an easy-to-use system developed to blast content to millions of phone numbers at the same time. From virtual learners to prospective home buyers, Campaign Manager ensures that end users get the message.

Telestax service provider partners can now enable Campaign Manager for their customers in:

  • Education – Attendance, virtual learning, parental contact, teacher conferencing, closures.
  • Marketing – Offers, promotions, sales, grand openings, with trackable links to gain insights on conversion.
  • Customer Service – Product data, shipping updates, recalls, hours, holiday extensions, shut downs.
  • Public Safety – Traffic or accident reports, municipal service changes, road hazards, severe weather.
  • Healthcare – Vaccination availability, quarantine restrictions, mask mandates, appointment scheduling.
  • Other Organizations – Information distribution for supporters, fans, fundraisers, events, and more.

What’s Next

Telestax is the leading CPaaS enabler for the communications industry. When service providers join with Telestax, their customers gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS, voice, and email. Download the full printable brochure today to learn about how features and advantages like scalability, product integration, management, and analytics set Campaign Manager apart from similar solutions.

If you are already a Telestax Partner, log in now to access the Campaign Manager application. For more information, email

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