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Bring Your Own Carrier for Cloud-Enabled Communications

Bring your own carrier ensures a communications company delivers higher quality and better pricing to their enterprise customers.

Bring your own carrier (BYOC) is a Restcomm platform feature that works with existing communications carriers, providers, and operators to allow business customers to tap into critical cloud capabilities, software APIs, and turnkey applications.

Current Restcomm Cloud users can leverage the BYOC benefits of:

  • SIP and SMPP interface
  • High-quality experience
  • Configurable network profiles
  • Better pricing without OTT premiums
  • Trusted provider

A BYOC strategy enables flexibility when it comes to corporate telephony solutions and offers additional connectivity options to fit organizational needs. BYOC provides a clear and manageable migration path from legacy on-premise PBX to telephony services over the cloud.


If you are a communications service provider (CSP) and your enterprise customer needs call queuing or conferencing capabilities for their contact center, you can now enable those capabilities, rather than forcing them to go through a third-party or over-the-top (OTT) provider. With an OTT provider, the organization loses the service guarantee of their carrier, while the carrier loses out on the additional traffic and revenue.

Aside from the cloud advantage and the interoperability with existing hardware that Restcomm delivers, the enterprise already has its communications infrastructure set up. This includes session border controllers, phone numbers, incoming routes, and outgoing routes.

The BYOC Advantage

With Restcomm Cloud, enterprises can use their existing carrier, while gaining access to the APIs and turnkey apps that power the latest capabilities like two-factor authentication (2FA), number masking, appointment scheduling, chat bots, and more. Configurable network profiles give providers the ability to effectively manage traffic for specific customers or groups.

BYOC allows your enterprise customers to keep their existing setup, while taking advantage of cloud-enabled communications applications to facilitate their digital transformation.

Download the full printable BYOC brochure today, or contact for more information about Telestax Restcomm communications platform as a service (CPaaS).

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