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Broadband Provider Deploys Smart Reservation System

Large broadband provider cuts costs and improves their brand by utilizing smart reservation system in contact center.

A top broadband provider based in Asia was challenged to stay ahead of customer service calls during peak times. From January until May, and especially during the busy spring season, the call center was often overwhelmed, resulting in an unacceptable number of missed calls and hold times, providing a negative customer experience. Most of the callers were attempting to make changes to their service due to job relocations, university attendance, and more, becoming frustrated when they were not able to reach an agent.

A Flexible Solution

Missed calls and extended hold times caused company perception to suffer and negatively impacted the organization’s bottom line. The service provider needed a solution that could maximize the efficiency of their call center agents and reduce the amount of time customers remained on hold.

According to Dimension Data, 84 percent of companies that work to improve their customer experience also see an increase in revenue. Using the flexibility of IVR, the provider chose a smart reservation system that allowed customers to schedule time with an agent, down to a two-hour window.

A customer would call into the IVR and instead of waiting on hold, the caller could choose from several convenient scheduling options. For example, a customer could choose 13:00-15:00, 15:00-17:00, or 17:00-19:00 and an agent would return their call within that time frame. Best of all, the system would only offer times and dates that were currently available.

Using IVR the Broadband Provider can now:

  • Reduce customer hold times dramatically
  • Better prepare for customer call volume
  • Improve company brand perception

Big Results

With the new solution, the provider was able to reduce missed customer calls during peak times, improve agent efficiency, save toll-free charges, and offer 24/7 access. For busy call centers, cutting hold times can save big. 

For example, if a call center had 10,000 calls per month with an average hold time of just 5 minutes at .05 per minute, it could cost over $30k per year. With an IVR call center reservation solution, customers can easily schedule time with agents beforehand, saving time and money.

What’s Next

Using Telestax Restcomm APIs and standalone applications, more and more providers are delivering the communications solutions that enterprise customers need to meet their business goals. Organizations can scale data collection initiatives while reducing infrastructure expenses, setup time, and maintenance with the power and flexibility of communications platform as a service (CPaaS). With CPaaS, IVR takes to the cloud, reaching more customers faster and with reduced costs. Enterprises can scale their efforts to include thousands more participants, target IVR call flows, and collect more robust data, in addition to gaining programmable SMS, voice, text, and chat capabilities. CPaaS allows providers to digitally transform their business, leveraging data in new and innovative ways that drive results.

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