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Build Telecom Applications with a Visual Designer

Restcomm drag-and-drop visual designer for voice and SMS solutions helps build communication flows faster. 

A low-code or no-code telecom application development platform, the Telestax Restcomm Visual Designer (RVD) is an easy to use drag-and-drop builder that enables non-programmers to prototype or create telecommunications applications.

Interactive Voice Response

Build responsive interactive voice response (IVR) applications without the hassle of writing code. Route your incoming calls to users, departments, and mobile devices. Drag and drop from a palette of actions like Play, Dial, Collect, Say, and others to support the development of a wide range of applications.

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Integrate with Existing Applications and Services

Use RVD to integrate and automate calls to a customer from a CRM like, Zendesk, or SugarCRM. Or retrieve customer information from a database and use PHP to send targeted application to person (A2P) marketing messages by SMS.

RVD Features

  • Drag and Drop – Use drag and drop features to create call flows and apps with multiple components, technologies, and services. Developers do not need to learn the complex telecom protocols and networking required for service.
  • Restcomm Markup Language – Generate Restcommm markup language (RCML) that can be used as is or modified for use in other apps or services.
  • Easy Integration with External Apps and Services – Enable RVD apps to request and send commands and data to and from external apps and services. RVD is able to utilize IP protocols including simple webhooks, APIs, and other commonly used methods.
  • Full Restcomm Stack Access – Enable the development of lower level, native mobile content delivery and menu-driven applications. Utilize SMS as well as rich communications and content for over the top (OTT) apps and services to web, IOS, and Android applications.
  • Carrier-Grade Scalability and Reliability – Carrier-grade scalability and reliability with load balancing and clustering support for automated failover creates a stable and scalable platform for apps and services built with RVD. Unlike other more limited solutions, all Restcomm services are load balanced, providing true carrier grade redundancy at scale.
  • Flexible Operations and Monitoring Support Via API – Easy to use web interface, complete CDR, logging and capabilities are also provided.


You can log in to your Restcomm account to begin using the visual designer today, or contact for more information or to request a demo.


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