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Research Center Saves $100k with Healthcare IVR

Cancer center leverages healthcare IVR to meet data collection needs – while cutting costs.


Located in historic Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is a leading cancer research and treatment facility. With nearly 200 ongoing clinical trials, an important aspect of the organization’s cutting-edge research is understanding patient-reported outcomes (PRO). Although this information is key to advancing breakthroughs, effectively obtaining and utilizing the complex data can be challenging.

Data Collection Concerns

Mattias Jonsson, Director of Systems Development is a part of the UNC Lineberger PRO Core team that uses interactive voice response (IVR) technology to gather information about the quality of life and symptoms directly from patients or caregivers.

“Our job is to serve the cancer research,” he says on his team’s role in the process. “We help the university collect data. We help them with consulting and protocol, but also to setup the IVR system.”

When selecting the right solution, Jonsson noted the cost of various IVR systems. “The cost of a hardware-based on-prem system would be north of $100k not to mention the cost of staff time to architect and implement,” he says.

The Right Healthcare IVR Solution

Jonsson sets up systems to collect symptom information every week from thousands of cancer patients to be shared with their clinicians. Collecting this sensitive data from patients at dozens of study sites by having staff call the patients would be cost prohibitive.

To solve this problem, UNC Lineberger chose a  Telestax healthcare IVR solution that satisfied their data collection needs while complying with HIPAA regulations. Located inside the UNC Lineberger firewall, Jonsson and his team personally monitor and maintain these resources with vendor support.

What’s Next

Medical research facilities like UNC Lineberger can further scale data collection initiatives while reducing infrastructure expenses, setup time, and maintenance with the power and flexibility of Telestax communications platform as a service (CPaaS).

With CPaaS, IVR takes to the cloud, reaching more patients faster and with reduced costs. Jonsson and his team can scale their efforts to include thousands more participants, target IVR call flows, and collect more robust data – in addition to gaining programmable SMS, voice, text, and chat capabilities.

CPaaS allows communications service providers to digitally transform their business, leveraging data in new and innovative ways to help healthcare providers to deliver next-generation treatment and care.

To learn more about the UNC healthcare IVR deployment and how, with Telestax, service providers are helping organizations to save money through improved communication, get the full, printable UNC case study.

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