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Censon Adds RestcommONE’s WebRTC Features To CENSON® Care

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CENSON® Care recently completed a major revamp of its line of telemedicine solutions with the addition of voice and video consultations using RestcommOne. This transformation was completed in a short time period, and the results have been outstanding.

Remote Patient Monitoring is the flagship product for CENSON® Care, used by home health care agencies, specialist medical clinics, and aged and chronic care providers around the world. The addition of RestcommOne and RestcommONE Connect WebRTC SDKs have allowed for expanded use of the CENSON® Care platform to include real time consultations and emergency response.

The advantages of adding RestcommOne capabilities to CENSON® Care were highlighted when HomeHealth24X7®, a home health agency operating in Australia, Canada, and the USA, completed its initial thirty days using the platform.

Remote Patient Monitoring, with the addition of voice, video, and sms interaction with the patients, allowed HomeHealth24X7® to increase its patient contact hours by over 30%, while only increasing its direct costs by around 10%. This effectively increased revenue by a significant 26% – all in less than 30 days!

So, how did they achieve such amazing results? First up, they were able to provide a range of new services. These included TeleHospice services and TeleMental services, as well as being able to offer closer and continuous monitoring of their patients.

Now, patients can use the TeleHospice service to stay in contact with loved ones, and are often able to spend more time in their own home as opposed to a hospice, while still receiving the quality palliative treatment required at end of life.

Patients who are chronic sufferers of mental health issues including depression, substance addiction, or dementia benefit from the constant support and monitoring available through TeleMental services.

Recent changes in health care policy in the USA mean that these services, including Remote Patient Monitoring, are generally reimbursable through Medicaid and /or Medicare in many cases. Certainly, many health care insurers cover these services as well.

How does the future look for users of CENSON® Care solutions? In early 2018 we are releasing additional clinical service offerings; the first of which will be our TeleDentistry solution. This offering will allow patients who are in care, custody, or unable to travel due to chronic conditions, to receive dental consultations on premise. This is the first of a number of clinical applications ready for release.

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