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Conditional Logic with Visual Designer

Create or prototype cloud-based communications applications and features using Conditional Logic with Visual Designer.

From two-factor authentication to phone menus and IVR, communications applications and features are used by many industries to improve the customer experience. While software development can be complex, tools like Visual Designer streamline the experience of creating and prototyping new solutions.

Using a drag-and-drop interface to build communications flows, Conditional Logic ensures the resulting application functions as expected. When certain conditions are met, the app performs a desired action. 

Conditional Logic in Action

By establishing Conditional Logic within a cloud-based communications application such as an IVR, a phone call can be handled based on whether a specific condition occurs. In one use case, a caller makes selections for what happens next by using DTMF (pressing the corresponding numerical phone key), speech recognition, or some other defined method. 

For example, a caller may attempt to reach a bank at 11pm, after the business has closed for the night. As part of the communications application, a condition can be set up whereas if a variable (call time) occurs outside of business hours, the call is automatically transferred to the after-hours call center, rather than the front desk of the organization.

In this case, the Conditional Logic would be: If CURRENT TIME (variable) is between 8pm and 8am (condition), send to AFTER HOURS CALL CENTER (action). Otherwise, the call is routed to the MAIN OFFICE of the bank.

Another common use of Conditional Logic in healthcare includes patients requesting a prescription refill from a pharmacy. The patient can key or say the prescription number which may be automatically communicated to the pharmacist in a variety of ways. Options can include connection with a third-party program via API, or even a simple email message that is triggered when the call disconnects. With Conditional Logic, many outcomes are possible.

Create the Right Experience with Visual Designer

To facilitate the setup of applications and features, smart communications providers are offering their business customers Visual Designer, part of the Telestax CPaaS platform.

Visual Designer is a quick and easy way to create voice and messaging applications with minimal or even no programming skills. Simply drag and drop different elements of your communication flows from a menu of options and set the desired conditions. You can choose from a list of existing templates covering popular use cases, or design a custom application. 

There’s almost no limit to the types of experiences you can create with Visual Designer.

Going Forward

Number Masking, Smart 2FA, SMS and voice-based messaging with speech-to-text functionality are all CPaaS applications and features that business customers rely on to create effective digital customer experiences. With the power of CPaaS, communications providers can help deliver these services. 

By choosing Telestax for these solutions (rather than an over-the-top vendor) providers benefit from the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model, retaining traffic on their own network for additional control and service assurance.

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