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CPaaS and COVID-19 | Part Two of the UC Buyer Series

Episode two of this three-part video series reveals the biggest way that COVID-19 has impacted the CPaaS market and what providers can do about it – in ONE day.

In the second episode of the series, Telestax Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Nethercott and VP of Marketing Veena Vadgama examine how COVID-19 has changed and in many cases fast-tracked the enterprise shift to cloud-based communications. With Telestax, providers can offer these services quickly, under their own brand.

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“We’ve essentially engineered ourselves completely out of the user experience,” says Nethercott on the communications industry perspective of Telestax CPaaS enablement. “It’s 100% your brand across the board, and we can get that set up literally in a day or two from a technical perspective.”

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