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CPaaS Use Cases and the Top 3 Apps to Sell Right Now

Telestax certified partners are deploying enterprise CPaaS applications faster than ever before. Find out which use cases have generated the most buzz.

Telestax works with some of the largest communications companies around the world and many of our partners’ sales teams go through our unique CPaaS Sales Certification program. With that in mind, we asked some of our recently certified partners to weigh in on the top cloud communication apps and which use cases they are most excited to discuss.

Big Changes Drive Demand

With digital transformation and the global pandemic driving massive changes into how businesses interact with consumers, many firms are scrambling to deploy solutions to manage a constantly shifting business environment. From complex COVID-19 mitigation strategies to cloud-based call center solutions to multi-factor authentication, communications platform as a service (CPaaS) has answered the call.

Telestax Omnichannel Smart 2FA Most Popular Amongst Partners

As part of the trusted Restcomm platform, Telestax Smart 2FA, Call Queuing, and Number Masking are some of the most popular turnkey applications according to a recent survey of Telestax certified partners.

Why Smart 2FA?

Telestax turnkey CPaaS applications like Smart 2FA come loaded with advanced features giving customers more ways to manage and customize their application. For example, with Smart 2FA, it’s easy to cancel an existing one-time password (OTP) while it is still active, resend a new one, or keep an OTP active while a new one is sent. With omnichannel OTP, customers can select SMS, email, or voice, and even prioritize multiple channels.

Number Masking for Privacy

Users prefer Number Masking to ensure the privacy of their phone number when interacting with a business, such as a ride-sharing application to communicate with a driver. Other use cases include online dating or social networking applications, delivery and logistics services, ecommerce, and other peer-to-peer transaction-based platforms where privacy and identity protection are critical.

Instant Call Center with Call Queuing and IVR

While the global pandemic of novel coronavirus COVID-19 presents unexpected challenges, contact centers are managing peak traffic volumes with real-time, cloud-based communications solutions like Call Queuing that can be deployed quickly and scaled as needed.

Retailers and online marketplace enterprises can cut costs by answering simple shipping and product inquiries with IVR while other organizations are using a hybrid solution of IVR plus SMS to measure call center effectiveness, get actionable feedback to improve agent performance, and increase customer response.

Move Forward with Telestax

Getting started with programmable voice, SMS, and turnkey applications is easy with the Restcomm Visual Designer. To learn more, contact

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