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Create Voice Messages, Surveys, and More with Telestax Campaign Manager

With Campaign Manager, it’s easy to set up unidirectional voice announcements or bidirectional data collection applications using DTMF or text-to-speech, even route calls to a live agent, all with a drag-and-drop visual designer.

In the last blog I discussed how a business can set up large-scale SMS blasts using Telestax Campaign Manager. Leveraging Campaign Manager, all Telestax Partners can connect to the drag-and-drop Visual Designer to create high-volume voice messages, surveys, and live agent call-routing for business customers.

Choosing the Right Content Type

When setting up a voice campaign, you can choose from three different content types. These options range from uploading a simple audio file for a unidirectional announcement, creating a drag-and-drop call flow application with the included Visual Designer, or developing and linking your own audio messaging application.

The current content types available are:

  • Announcement
  • Application

Create an Announcement Blast

To create a unidirectional, announcement-style voice campaign, select Announcement. Give the Announcement a name and then choose an Announcement Type from either text-to-speech (TTS) or audio file.

Depending on the selection, Campaign Manager will ring all of the phone numbers supplied, and play either the text entered in the TTS field, or the uploaded audio file.

This unidirectional voice announcement is the simplest way to communicate important information to many people simultaneously and is commonly used in education, government, and healthcare to ensure that critical information is relayed quickly and effectively.

Bidirectional Voice, Surveys, and Routing

For more complex call flows or those with a data collection element, you have the option of using the included Visual Designer. In this case, you will choose Application from the dropdown menu and give your new application a name. Click next to generate a URL.

Once you have created a new application and generated the URL, click the Design button and you will be taken to the Visual Designer. With Visual Designer you can design the call flow using a list of actions or Verbs provided in the menu.

The Say and Play verbs, for example, allow you to leverage TTS or provided audio files, much like the Announcement option. The Collect verb allows recipients to respond to survey questions using DTMF (phone keypad), or speech-to-text (STT).

If you would like to add the option for the recipient to talk to an agent, you can introduce the Dial verb and route the call to a helpline, for example.

Visual Designer is an easy-to-use and flexible solution that enables the creation of complex call flow applications with no coding. All Telestax Partners have access to Visual Designer and can start building applications at any time.

Your Own Voice Application

The third option is to utilize your own coded voice application. For this option, you will select RCML URL from the dropdown menu and specify the URL of an existing application.

What’s Next

Polling, surveys, and data collection are some of the most effective means for businesses to gain insight into the needs and behaviors of their customers. From financial services, to home repair, organizations are looking for ways to deliver a better customer experience.

Communications providers that partner with Telestax immediately gain the advantage of a superior network and full CPaaS capabilities such as programmable SMS, voice, and email. Download the full printable brochure today to learn about how features and advantages like scalability, product integration, management, and analytics set Campaign Manager apart from similar solutions.

If you are already a Telestax Partner, log in now to access the Campaign Manager application. For more information, email

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