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Drag, Drop, and Deploy Applications with Visual Designer

Speech recognition, web triggers, and CRM integration make it easy to build powerful communications features and applications with Visual Designer.

The pandemic has triggered an increased reliance on digital options like online shopping, financial services, and telehealth. According to Forrester, digital customer service interactions are positioned to increase by 40 percent. 

Going forward, these types of digital interactions will be critical to business success. Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) creates opportunities to connect with customers at every stage of their digital journey. 

With Telestax Visual Designer, organizations can take advantage of nearly unlimited options, without the burden of coding.

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For example, with Visual Designer, it is possible to build a responsive IVR to route incoming calls to agents, departments, and mobile devices. Drag and drop from verbs like Play, Dial, Collect, Say, SMS, Email, and others to support the development of a wide range of applications.

Integrate Visual Designer with a CRM solution like, Zendesk, or SugarCRM to automate calls. Retrieve customer information from a database and use PHP to send targeted application-to-person (A2P) marketing messages by SMS.

Features & Advantages

Visual Designer allows communications providers to go to market quickly with communications features and applications that meet the needs of their business customers. A white-label interface and documentation make it easy to customize, while the bring your own carrier (BYOC) option keeps traffic on the provider network, boosting reliability and control.

  • Template Gallery – Get started with your application quickly using time-saving design templates that provide a range of options including a Simple IVR Menu, and more.
  • Speech Recognition – Capture speech in real time and return text in 119 languages without any pre-training, with ability to act on partial speech.
  • Text to Speech – Convert text into speech to play back as audio, creating inbound IVR or outbound messaging call flows using a variety of voices, languages, and dialects.
  • DTMF Detection – Count on reliable dual tone multiple-frequency (DTMF), or touch tone in place of speech recognition, or as a secondary option.
  • .Web Trigger – Establish a call between a Visual Designer application and a destination address using a simple HTTP request.
  • Data Dips – Validate callers by configuring an IVR to look up accounts or other information in a specified data source, then route calls accordingly.

With Visual Designer, it’s easy to drag, drop, and deploy innovative telecommunications applications. Download the full, printable brochure or contact for a demo today.

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