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First time in TADHack 2015 / Madrid

Madrid is a great place to be in summer but things get really hot when one takes part in a TADHack event too. Traditionally held in ETSIT UPM, the telecommunication school of the university, TADHack was a groundbreaking and fun experience. It had it all: brilliant young people with fresh ideas eager to spend a weekend over the keyboard, experienced RestcommONE professionals willing to share their knowledge, a welcoming and friendly hosting team making sure everything runs smoothly and of course the technical infrastructure of the university. It offered among others a massive 10GB internet connection, probably better than all other locations combined. All that posed no barrier for the participants on top of their already challenging task: to think and implement their own hacks in two days (and one night) time.

I was there, representing Telestax to discuss ideas for hacks and help teams interested in RestcommONE find their way. Two teams had a prominent presence there and it proved it was for a reason.

Play My Band – The local winner

Winner of the local Madrid TADHack event was the team of Jaime Casero, Carlos Torrenti and Carlos Verdes presenting their Play My Band hack. An outstanding game, based on WebRTC data channel that leveraged RestcommONE for easy access to the WebRTC session.


The Play My Band team. A pile of sticky notes on the desk. More features under way!

You can learn more on Play My Band on its official webpage.

Augmented Sightseeing – The global/Madrid winner

Jose Luis Zamorano and his partner were also there. The team participated in TADhack for the first time and made a pleasant surprise. Their Augmented Sightseeing hack, a RestcommONE based application for tourism guides with QR scanning, won the global Telestax prize for Madrid. This is what Jose reported after the event:

We had heard about Telco API and played a bit. When we watched some videos from TADHack 2014, we said next time we had to be there. We joined TADHack 2015 Madrid wondering why a Saturday early morning. It was the first hackaton for both of us and we didn’t know what to expect. Very soon we started to create adrenaline and enjoy the hackaton. We had in mind and idea about synchronizing a web app with a voice call behaviour but we were not pretty sure about the case of use. Then, first goal was defining the case of use, normally it should be the other way around, you think the case of use and later on you think about functional and tech details.

The brainstorming resulted in Augmented Sightseeing, a hack voice call synchronized with QR scanning applied for tourism audio/video guides. Augmented Sightseeing calls a phone trough PSTN and says a message which is linked with a QR code related for example with a painting, a monument… It could be extended with GPS position or a photo as a trigger to change the message. Strong points of the idea are user does not need to have a native app but a smartphone with a browser, internet connection and voice service.

The hack was implemented using Telestax RestcommONE API. To be honest this API was not our first option. We tried out 4 Telco APIs including RestcommONE. We didn’t have so much time to make the analysis although we concluded the tech features were very similar among different vendors but nobody else gave us so much facilities and support as Telestax, that is why we choose RestcommONE.

There were very good people and very good ideas in the hackaton so it was a great surprise being awarded with a prize.

We have the feeling only tech people are looking at this technology so far while business is missing a big opportunity. Hopefully, thanks to TADHack, Telestax and rest of sponsors, Telco APIs are raising.

But that was not all for Telestax and RestcommONE. Strong and weak points made their presence too. We were really happy to see people enjoying the ease of use and flexibility of the product but also accepted criticism as well as valuable feedback on how to make it better.

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