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Hey Amazon: SMS-enabled Customer Service = Happier Customers

Dear Amazon:

Please add SMS capability to your customer service 800 number to greatly improve your customer experience and lower your costs.

I have been a happy customer of yours for many years. I opted into Amazon Prime a little over a year ago. Sorry to be late on that one. After joining the Anti-Cable TV rebellion 10 years ago and beginning with Netflix, I needed a new group of programs and movies to view. Amazon Prime was the natural service. I got hooked on speedy free delivery and I now sport an Amazon Kindle Fire TV Stick – absolutely love this product! With the exception of Alexa (don’t get me started on privacy issues) and not participating in the grocery delivery program, I guess you can say I am an Amazon Groupie.

Your rise to stardom has been nothing less than impressive. I watched you grow from an online book store into one of the largest retail companies in the world. There is no end to the products and services that are available through the website. At times I have found that your website actually offers better deals on select items than eBay. But that was not enough for you. You moved into cloud computing currently offering AWS (Amazon Web Services) that has quickly become the de facto standard for hosting SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and services. And then there is that purchase of the high-end organic grocery store affectionately called Whole Paycheck. Pretty much anything you set your sights on becomes another successful arrow in your quiver.

You pride yourself as being an early adopter of new innovative technologies that keep you ahead of your competition. Launching an amazing WebRTC-based application for Kindle Fire customer service and support was revolutionary. So I ask myself why would a company as forward thinking as Amazon not offer SMS-enabled customer service and support. I arrived at this question based on a recent issue with my Amazon Prime account.

I logged into the Amazon website, found the product I wanted to purchase and hit the one button purchase option. It took me to the page that confirms my email. To my surprise, the email was not mine so I logged out and logged back in hoping it was an error. Nope, it was not an error. The message I got while attempting to log back in was there was no such account associated with my email address – YIKES! My account had been hacked. I called your 800 customer service number and began the process to rectify the problem. It took the agent some time to back into my account since my email no longer existed in your system. She agreed with me that it was a clear case of fraud and she said she needed to transfer my call to your fraud department. Yes – you guessed it – my call got dropped so I had to call back in and start the process over with a different agent ☹. A process that originally should have taken 10 minutes now grew into one that became 20 minutes.

A better solution would have been to allow me to send a SMS text to your 800 number and have a conversation by text. Doing this preserves the context of my call so that it can be passed from the original agent to the fraud department. No dropped calls, no wasted time and no need to record.

“Over half of customers would rather text a customer support agent instead of using other available options. (eWeek)”

But where do you start? No worries, Telestax is here to help. Our RestcommONE Platform and partners will quickly and easily SMS-enable your 800 number(s). Once you are SMS-enabled, you can take advantage of our value added applications and services like chat bots and SMS-enabled call centers. This is seriously exciting stuff and we would love to have the opportunity to share with you what we can do for you. Telestax is all in for keeping Amazon on the bleeding edge of technology. Because bleeding edge technology is what we do!

Click Here to set up a conversation about SMS-enabling your customer service and support 800 number(s).

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