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Intelligent Appointment Scheduling with CPaaS

Appointment scheduling enabled through communications platform as a service (CPaaS) allows enterprises to boost revenues, retain recurring customers, and reduce no-show costs.

Many enterprises and small to medium businesses turn to CPaaS technology when appointments play a key role in sales, retention, and service delivery. Enabled by CPaaS, a service-related appointment system integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and SMS capabilities can be the key to maximizing revenues.

Communications service providers are helping businesses realize their full potential today by delivering valuable appointment scheduling capabilities with Telestax Restcomm API. With the benefit of AI and natural language processing (NLP), a virtual assistant can chat with customers in rich human-like conversation to:

  • Schedule new appointments
  • Modify existing appointments
  • Provide appointment reminders
  • Confirm upcoming appointments

An interactive voice response (IVR) system can be layered over the top to allow customers who prefer phone calls to dial in and access all the same features provided via text.

Return on Investment

Though every business is different, it’s clear how reducing no shows, converting more leads to appointments, and driving more return visits strengthen the bottom line.

The ROI associated with a win at each of these points is robust across many verticals. For example, for many big-ticket sales that begin with a consultation, an appointment is worth a hundred to several thousand dollars, with home improvement typically at the $150 to $200 level. AI-based texting converts more strongly than traditional methods of follow-up because of convenience and ubiquity.

Restcomm with intelligent appointment scheduling technology addresses all of these critical points in the customer journey by reaching out to leads, following up with potential repeat customers, and issuing smart reminders.

Building the Perfect CPaaS Solution

Telestax has partnered with to provide your enterprise customers with convenience while boosting your bottom line. quickly builds trust with the user by picking up facts about situations, clues about goals, and conversational states in real time.

The system’s inference engine can “read between the lines,” identifying needs that the user may not know to express directly while the Telestax RESTful API gives experienced developers the control to create custom robust omnichannel applications with ease.

If you are a communications service provider and would like to expand your enterprise service offering, get in touch with us at for more information on appointment scheduling, 2FA, SMS for UCaaS platforms, IVR, and more.



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