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Join live demo by Truphone of an all Open Source mobile network at #MWC15

Telestax invites you to see a live demo of open-source software written for the cloud at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. The demo is happening at the Canonical booth in Hall 8.1 at App Planet Stand CC8.20.

The demonstration will show a new telco service deployment of a cloud-based IMS core and application server integrated with an open-source mobile base station and real mobile network.

Booth visitors will be able to place a call to a UK-based phone number on Truphone’s network. The call will be routed through Metaswitch’s Project Clearwater open-source IMS platform into the interactive voice response (IVR) system running on Telestax’s RestCommONE. Fairwaves will provide handsets with Truphone SIM cards, in addition to its UmSITE ruggedized base station, to allow users to connect to a local radio network.

Using Zabbix’s open-source enterprise monitoring software, booth visitors will be able to see how a network operator can watch while Canonical’s Juju orchestration tool and its Ubuntu operating system are used to manage and scale the system, even as it is being put under stress.

The demo is one of a kind because it is showcasing a complete solution, working on a real service provider network, that is built entirely on open-source software, with the intent of showing how network operators can reduce infrastructure costs and get services to market more quickly.

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