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RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final Release Is Out!

We are happy to announce the RestcommONE Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final release.


The most notable changes and features of the Load Balancer 10.0.0 Final release are listed below:

  1. Integration with kubernetes;
  2. Added possibility use url-rewrite tool in the HTTP Load balancer;
  3. Added possibility use ramp-up for restarted SIP Nodes;
  4. Improved work HTTP load balancer (removed chunk aggregator);
  5. Added possibility to add SMPP servers in runtime;
  6. Added possibility using two interfaces for SMPP balancer.

Full Changelog is available here.


The latest stable build of Restcomm Load Balancer is available here.


Get started with Restcomm Load Balancer by checking out the latest documentation.

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Nosach Konstantin

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