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Message Exchange Enables SMS for Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One

With Telestax, it’s easy to SMS enable Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One. Send text messages in minutes from within the platform, reaching customers on the channel they prefer.

Studies have shown that customers and internal employees are often switching to, or prefer, SMS. According to the Pew Research Center, text messaging is the most frequently used smartphone feature, with response rates as high as 98 percent.

The Telestax Message Exchange (MX) solution is here to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with an intuitive SMS-enablement solution for Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One. Each console (Webex Teams depicted below) features an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

CSPs can offer SMS enablement with bring your own carrier (BYOC) to millions of enterprise and small-to-medium sized business customers around the globe.

What is Message Exchange (MX)?

Telestax MX helps service providers to enable their enterprise customers to send and receive SMS using their Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One clients. Enterprise customers can send either two-way SMS or an SMS to multiple destinations. For example, a CSP can use MX consoles or APIs to manage business customers of any size. Business customers benefit by being able to track customer conversations from within their communication platform.

SMS-enabled number provisioning can occur through Telestax or by using BYOC to map SMS-enabled Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One users. The enablement allows Cisco users to have two-way conversations with any phone number right in the Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One applications.

Message Exchange for Cisco Webex Teams features:

  • Intuitive Console: Utilize new enterprise management console for communications service providers with support for mobile screens
  • Phone Number Provisioning: Configure setup based on CSP needs with BYOC option
  • Dynamic Private Room Creation: Benefit from automated generation of private rooms for new incoming messages from unique senders
  • Mapping: Associate Webex Teams user emails with a contact mobile phone number for easy SMS delivery and tracking
  • Advanced Search: Sort by enterprises, errors, mappings, or messages for billing purposes and more

How to Enable SMS for Webex Teams

  1. Create a bot for enterprise and map the bot access token with the enterprise.
  2. Provision your own SMS-enabled number in the console or use the BYOC SMS enablement key to use Telestax SMS-enabled numbers. Contact the Telestax support team for the key if you are an existing customer.
  3. Create number-to-email mapping.
  4. Start sending messages from Webex teams to PSTN numbers and vice versa.

      Watch a Video Demonstration of SMS for Cisco Webex Teams

      New Message Exchange features for Cisco UC-One:

      • Rich API Set: CSPs can manage domains, certificates, and whitelists, as well as advanced searching and reporting via the API
      • Intuitive Console: Utilize the new self-service portal for reporting, management, and more
      • Improved Mapping Management: CSPs can manage multiple enterprises with mapping architecture that allows for easier provisioning, reporting, and usage billing

      How to Enable SMS for UC-One

      With Message Exchange, it’s easy to map a mobile phone number to an email address or user ID.

      1. Add a domain and upload the certificate. View a list of all domains that have been added under an organization.
      2. View and edit the certificate of a particular domain by clicking on the certificate icon of the domain.
      3. To add whitelisted IP-Addresses, click on the add Whitelist IP button and enter the IP address.

      Watch a video demonstration of SMS for UC-One

      Remove the Obstacles to SMS Enablement for Cisco Webex Teams and UC-One

      Enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses are challenged to add two-way SMS communications capabilities that can meet their needs. However, because enterprises expect to use a single tool for real-time communications, Message Exchange can help CSPs to use their own carrier network to provide two-way SMS communication capabilities for Cisco UC-One and Webex Teams.

      Learn more about implementing SMS enablement and the new features that the MX solution offers by contacting

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