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Independent Report: Mobicents Sip Server supports Highest Level of Availability

UPDATE, June 2018:

Restcomm is a modern communications platform as a service (CPaaS). Restcomm is built on Mobicents SIP Servlets, which facilitates the shift towards Cloud Communications by enabling deployment and autoscaling of real time SIP Servlets apps across all major IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers. It also brings realtime communications (voice & video) to your Browser using HTML5 WebRTC and SIP Over WebSockets ! Mobicents Sip Server is a world class framework that allows HA (High Availability) and Scalabity.

An independent report by AT&T Labs and Columbia University compares MSS (Mobicents Sip Server), OCCAS (Oracle Communications Converged Application Server) and IBM WAS (Websphere Application Server). The report is focused on the highest level of service availability, where any failure is transparent to the end user.  This level is typically expected of emergency call services subject to strict government regulation. Key factors considered in the comparison are Scaling Efficiency, Operational Cost, Scaling Increments, and Simultaneous Failures.

Here is an extract showing how MSS performed:

.”.. MSS adapts dynamically to failures through lazy replication and selection of new replication buddies. This allows MSS to restore protection to machine
failures and rack failures automatically even without restarting failed servers in the same replication group. Therefore, the odds of session loss in MSS are lower than in OCCAS or WAS.”
In another category about efficiency and scaling, the report has this to say:
“Given the same network bandwidth for a cluster, MSS will scale most efficiently, followed by WAS and then OCCAS” “…Mobicents servers are more convenient when scaling. As long as the servers run with identical con gurations, new Mobicents servers will add themselves to the cluster automatically.”
You can read the full report HERE

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