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Mobicents SIP Servlets 2.0.0.Final with support for HTML5 WebRTC is out !

Telestax, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Mobicents SIP Servlets 2.0.0.FINAL, certified against the SIP Servlet 1.1 specification and working on top of  Tomcat 7 and JBoss AS 7 and licensed under LGPL v2.1.


With this release, Mobicents SIP Servlets is bringing realtime communications (voice & video) to your Browser using HTML5 WebRTC and SIP Over WebSockets !


Mobicents SIP Servlets 2.0.0.FINAL can be downloaded here.

The release comes with the following new features :

This release has deprecated Tomcat 6 and JBoss AS5, for the companies in need of continuous support for those versions, please consider switching to our RestcommONE SIP Servlets Product
for multi year support and continuous upgrades (patch releases, security fixes, performance improvements, …).

Check the Mobicents SIP Servlets Roadmap to see what’s cooking ahead.

Special Thanks to the ever growing community and customers for their contributions to this release, especially to :

  • Laurent Strullu, Camille Oudot, François-Joseph Levée and Jean-François Jestin from Orange Labs, the research and innovation centre of France Telecom-Orange, for their contribution and leadership of the JAIN SIP
    logo_rgb JS Project, under the Mobicents Platform umbrella, which provides a SIP JavaScript framework based on the JAIN SIP project for creating HTML5 WebRTC Clients that communicates over SIP with containers supporting SIP over Websockets such as Mobicents SIP Servlets. We would like to thank France Telecom-Orange for their ongoing contributions to Mobicents SIP Servlets Application Server itself as well.
  • logo_inferiorSolaiemes – a leading RCS/Joyn Solution Provider – who contributed quite actively to the port of Mobicents SIP Servlets on JBoss AS7
  • avistarlogoCodeminders; commissioned by Avistar Communications Corp for various contributions to JAIN SIP (

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