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Number Masking from Telestax Protects Users

Number masking protects the identity of users and keeps their phone numbers private by connecting them anonymously through a Telestax Restcomm phone number.

Phone number masking is the ability to ensure customers and businesses can make calls and send messages without exposing personal phone numbers. It offers many advantages to both businesses and users alike.

For example, organizations can reduce cost by only having to purchase a minimal amount of phone numbers to do business. With number masking, a business can use the same number to bridge users and employees without exposing the number. Users prefer this capability to ensure the privacy of their phone number when interacting with a business, such as a ride-sharing application to communicate with a driver. For security, the number is hidden from the driver to protect the user’s identity.

With number masking you can:

  • Protect user identity
  • Keep communication within your platform
  • Control user experience
  • Lower the cost of purchased phone numbers
  • Scale as you grow
  • Enable use of customer-preferred communication channels

Number masking helps a variety of industries to improve communication by providing consumers with more options to interact in a secure manner.

Industries that Benefit

Valued at $51.3 billion in 2017 and predicted to reach over $220 billion by 2025, the ride share market alone promises continued demand for number masking technology. However, it is also used with dating apps, e-commerce, logistics providers, and many more solutions that drive the gig economy.

Taxi & Ride Share

Let drivers and passengers call each other without sharing their personal phone number.


Help buyers and sellers connect and expand markets by integrating international calling into an application.

Dating Applications

Businesses that pride themselves on offering a private way for consumers to communicate like dating applications can provide a safe and secure way to interact without exposing personal information.

Delivery & Logistics

Users can connect to each other to share important and timely information about upcoming deliveries and other services.

Getting started with number masking inside the Restcomm Visual Designer is simple. To learn more about the application, download this printable brochure, or contact

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