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RestcommONE Reaches An Impressive Growth Milestone

Open source has become a very accepted way to shorten the development cycle of complex applications. But have you ever wondered what level of developer commitment is behind the open source technology you are using to develop your production apps? The team here at Telestax decided to look into this. We knew that RestcommONE is the leading open source platform for building powerful real-time communication/collaboration applications that utilize messaging, voice, video and more. What we did not know was just how popular and trusted our enterprise-ready platform has become. Using, we compared RestcommONE with two rather well known and highly utilized open source platforms – Hadoop and Docker. Openhub actively tracks the community activity across the many open source projects.

Are you sitting down? What we found surprised even us! RestcommONE community contributions are at an all-time high – 2.7x higher than a year ago. Even more amazing is the difference in community involvement between the three projects. See for yourself:

Impressive Growth Milestone

Even more amazing is that we achieved all of this on a shoestring budget. In comparison, the Hadoop commercial distributions have billions of investor dollars behind them and Docker has $180M to burn.

Just how does this happen? The answer is THE COMMUNITY! Community developers are attracted to cool relevant projects. They want to know that the project they are contributing to is important – both inside and outside of their organization. With the addition of WebRTC (web real-time communications) and IoT (Internet of things) support, the RestcommONE platform is now poised to take off like a rocket and we are pleased to have our active and vibrant community along with us for this exciting ride.

RestcommONE had 73 contributors in the last 12 months as opposed to 33 for WordPress. RestcommONE also has 10x the amount of code 5MLOC vs 500KLOC. RestcommONE has over 400 commits per month vs 300 for WordPress.






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