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RestcommONE Gives IoT Power To The People!

Telestax is working with a leading provider of IoT-based home automation and control systems. A public company located in the United States, this company sells its systems through a network of 5,500 authorized professional installers. It provides a platform for controlling music, video, lighting, temperature, security and other systems. Their claim to fame is they helped develop and broaden the smart home market by making simpler tools for home automation. They fundamentally believe that everything is becoming smart and they are uniquely positioned to orchestrate all of those devices that are coming into the home. Bottom line – they think of their products more as infrastructure for the home and things that people put into their houses and expect to last.

This company’s business can be broken down into four customer segments: Luxury, premium, value and basic.

  • Luxury projects cost $25,000 and above and make up 13% of the projects for the company
  • Premium projects cost $10,000 to $25,000 and account for about 33% of company’s projects.
  • Value projects cost less than $10,000 and account for 26% or 27% of the company’s projects
  • Basic projects are customers that want to buy an $800 remote control hub from an installer as a building block

The business challenge

Our partner came to us with a real need. They wanted to extend the capability of their product line with a new interface and that required a new technology they were not currently using. Their existing product interface consisted of an application running on a tablet, laptop or mobile phone that spoke to in-home devices with smart interfaces. This is a very traditional IoT (Internet of Things) home control application. But our partner had bigger plans. They wanted to allow humans to participate in home automation and security in real-time. And we are not just talking Alexa here!

Taking IoT to the people!

What if this technology took the next step from – IoT to P2IoT (person to IoT)? This is exactly what our partner wanted to do – Take IoT to the next step. But they knew that the current technology they were using would not get them there. They turned to Telestax and RestcommONE for help.

Using RestcommONE SIP Servlets, a SIP client is attached to a special doorbell. When an individual rings the doorbell, the SIP client establishes an intercom connection between the person at the door and the homeowner’s mobile phone. The individual at the door does not know if the homeowner is at home or on his phone.

Results – their customers are in control!

With their Intercom app for iOS and Android, their customers can now receive door station and intercom calls on their mobile devices, from anywhere. They can also connect with family members at home by calling touch screens from their mobile devices. The new Intercom app is built exclusively for Intercom calls to and from a Smart Home powered by our partner. This single-purpose app puts all of the essential communications features front and center. Plus, a separate app makes it easy to manage which members of the family have access to intercom calls.

We are confident that with their new very cool P2IoT app, our partner will continue to stay ahead of their competition.

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