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RestcommONE Message Exchange – SMS-enablement For UC & UCaaS

If you are a customer or partner of Broadsoft this SMS enablement message is for you. Telestax is about to launch a new service we are calling RestcommONE Message Exchange. Put simply, Message Exchange is about to rock your world by allowing you to send and receive SMS messages outside of UC-One without ever leaving the environment!

Why is SMS Enablement important to a UC (Unified Communications) or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) customer?

First let’s start with a little information about UC and UCaaS.

The term UC began to form in the early 1990’s but it did not explode until the advent of IP telephony where handsets were no longer directly connected to a physical PBX. Instead the handset existed on a network and became able to communicate seamlessly with other devices. This opened up the opportunity for applications to communicate with handsets and enable them to become part of collaborative communication beyond just voice. UC became big business because of the high degree of productivity it brought to organizations. With UC, multiple modes of business communications are integrated within a single user experience. Collaborative capabilities include:

  • Call control and multimodal communications
  • Presence
  • Instant messaging
  • Unified messaging
  • Speech access and personal assistant
  • Conferencing (audio, Web and video)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Mobility
  • Business process integration (BPI)
  • Software to enable business process integration

Source: Broadsoft

Two advancements in technology became agents of change for the UC space. The PBX became virtualized in software and cloud deployment reached maturity. Together the two made it possible for traditional on premise UC vendors to offer their products as cloud-based services or UCaaS. UCaaS allowed organizations of all sizes to benefit from the advantages of unified collaboration. Lower cost and increased flexibility are two key drivers for the UCaaS market growth because there is no need to manage the technology (hardware and software) powering the system in house.

So why SMS enable UC and UCaaS?

With all of this cool integrated collaboration that is provided by UC and UCaaS systems, why the need for SMS enablement? Put simply, communication with the outside world. Think of these two systems as a castle. There is a thriving community living inside the castle walls where everyone communicates with each other. But needing to get a text message outside the castle walls requires a carrier pigeon – a totally different mode of communication.

The same challenge exists within both UC and UCaaS solutions. Any employee needing to get a message to an individual outside of the company is forced to break out of the UC or UCaaS system and use an unconnected device. So a sales person wishing to text a prospect about a pending purchase will have to use their private mobile device to have the exchange. This is counter to what should happen. All text messages with key business relationships should be kept within the company. This protects the company from a legal standpoint and it preserves relationship history if the sales rep decides to take another job. With UC and UCaaS this is not possible – UNLESS the system is SMS enabled to allow texts to flow beyond its walls. Statistics tell us customers and prospects would rather communicate through text – not voice. SMS enablement lets the sales rep communicate with the prospect through text from within the UC or UCaaS platform. A total win/win!

“Texting in the sales process with a qualified lead can increase conversions over 100%.”

Telestax RestcommONE Message Exchange

Great news for all UC and UCaaS suppliers and customers. Telestax has developed a new capability we call RestcommONE Message Exchange. Message Exchange seamlessly supports text messages to be sent to and received from individuals outside of the UC system – keeping context within the system. No more using a personal device to send business text messages. We got you covered!

Our first release of Message Exchange will support the Broadsoft Broadworks UC-One platform but we will offer support for additional popular UC and messaging platforms shortly.

Want access now?

Telestax is looking for a limited number of participants to join our early access program for Message Exchange. If you are a Broadsoft UC One customer and are interested in Message Exchange, click here to sign up.

Using a UC platform – just not BroadSoft?

Click here to help us decide where to go next.

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