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Retailer Handles 100 Calls Per Day with IVR

Retailers and online marketplace enterprises can cut costs by answering simple shipping and product inquiries with IVR.

A cosmetics retailer with a successful catalog business and annual sales of over $46 million wanted to automate their customer call center. Catering to a mature demographic, the organization discovered that most of the customer support calls were simple shipping inquiries. With that in mind, they sought a solution that could communicate customer shipping data in an automated fashion with programmable voice.

The Hidden Costs of Call Centers

Typically, when a customer called to inquire about their order, that customer would need to wait on hold to speak with a live representative. Depending on call volumes, hold times varied in time and cost to the company. With an 800 number, the organization was required to foot the bill for every minute a customer was on hold, in addition to the cost of call center staff.

Information as Easy as 1-2-3

The cosmetics retailer opted for a solution that could engage with the customer immediately, leveraging interactive voice response (IVR). The customers could choose from a simple menu, including the option to check the shipment of a previously placed voice or fax order.

IVR Value

With the new solution, agents are able to provide current shipping data with tracking numbers by entering a CSV file into the system twice a day. Another option would allow the organization to tap into individual carrier APIs such as UPS or Fedex to dynamically access order tracking numbers.

The IVR solution currently handles over 100 calls per day for the cosmetics retailer. Without the system, these calls would be routed to a live operator, be placed on hold during peak times, or transferred to a voicemail system during non-business hours. With IVR, the organization can provide answers to the most frequently asked customer questions 24/7.

View or download the full printable case study with call flow diagram.

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What’s Next

Using Telestax Restcomm APIs and standalone applications, more and more providers are delivering the communications solutions that enterprise customers need to meet their business goals. Organizations can scale data collection and communication initiatives while reducing infrastructure expenses, setup time, and maintenance with the power and flexibility of communications platform as a service (CPaaS). With CPaaS, IVR takes to the cloud, reaching more customers faster and with reduced costs. Enterprises can scale their efforts to include thousands more participants, and target IVR call flows, in addition to gaining programmable SMS, voice, text, and chat capabilities. CPaaS allows providers to digitally transform their business, leveraging data in new and innovative ways that drive results.

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