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Self-Serve Hotel Cuts Support Calls with CPaaS

With the rise of self-service lodging, multi-language programmable voice and SMS solutions can maximize property management resources.

A self-service hotel and lodging business with a number of vacation properties was challenged to provide multi-language support for guests. With a limited number of multi-language agents available for voice calls, it was important to find a solution that ensured customers were able to communicate in their chosen language, while also guaranteeing both 24/7 support and immediate access to help in an emergency or time-sensitive situation.

Self-Service Hotel Business is Booming

With the rise of self-service hotels and online marketplace-based accommodations like Airbnb and Vrbo, comes the need for communication solutions that maximize efficacy of available customer service. Offering 24/7 phone support as well as prioritizing emergency and time-sensitive calls is essential for effective operation of this type of business.

Airbnb alone experienced a 62.5 percent increase in guest arrivals during 2018. Since 2009, the global compound growth rate of the company has risen to over 153 percent. In the U.S., there has been a 45 percent increase in bookings from year to year, showing more people are choosing this type of self-service hospitality model.

How to Provide 24/7 Support with Minimal Staff

The hospitality business opted for a custom interactive voice response (IVR) audio interface that allowed the user to immediately select their support language. By following prompts in the customer’s chosen language, the user was able to select from a menu of simple commands. Was it an emergency? Was the user arriving late? Did they wish to cancel the reservation?

Utilizing the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API, the system forwarded text-based requests to agents, immediately prioritizing emergency and time-sensitive calls and routing these to a live operator. Non-emergency text-based requests were automatically translated and passed along to an agent for quick and efficient follow up.

IVR System Dramatically Improves Business Offering

With the multi-language solution, the organization was able to reduce staff telephone calls by 70 percent while offering 24/7 auto concierge services and prioritization for time-sensitive requests.

When it comes to hospitality, self-service doesn’t mean that guests are completely on their own. With the right technology, help is only a call or click away.

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What’s Next

Using Telestax Restcomm APIs and standalone applications, more and more providers are delivering the communications solutions that enterprise customers need to meet their business goals. Organizations can scale data collection initiatives while reducing infrastructure expenses, setup time, and maintenance with the power and flexibility of communications platform as a service (CPaaS). With CPaaS, IVR takes to the cloud, reaching more customers faster and with reduced costs. Enterprises can scale their efforts to include thousands more partici- pants, target IVR call flows, and collect more robust data, in addition to gaining programmable SMS, voice, text, and chat capabilities. CPaaS allows providers to digitally transform their business, leveraging data in new and innovative ways that drive results.

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