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Send a Post-Call SMS with Visual Designer

Initiate an SMS to be sent after customers talk to an agent for post-call surveys, additional help, promotions, feedback, and more.

Customer experience is one of the most important facets of a successful business. Today, consumers expect communications to be seamless and immediate. With the greater read rates of SMS versus email, organizations are looking for ways to reach customers faster by sending a quick text to their mobile phones. 

Go Mobile

According to the analyst firm Gartner, the average open rate for email is around 20 percent, while the average SMS, or text open rate can be as high as 98 percent. For this reason, many organizations can benefit from following up with an SMS, after a phone call with an agent.

For example, in one recent case study, an insurance provider wanted to create a customer satisfaction survey that would help them to evaluate individual agents and their ability to handle insurance claims and other requests. However, business leadership observed poor open rates with an emailed version of the survey.

The insurance provider opted for a solution that could engage with the customer immediately, leveraging the power of SMS.

Post-Call SMS Works

With post-call SMS, customers can receive a text with a link to a short survey featuring questions about their customer experience. This type of data is valuable as it can inform everything from employee training to technology improvements, significantly cutting down on call times and streamlining operations.

In addition to surveys, organizations can use post-call SMS to send links to websites, promotions (including coupons or QR codes), additional help resources, and more. 

To facilitate the setup of post-call SMS, savvy communications providers are offering their business customers Visual Designer, part of the Telestax CPaaS platform.

Create the Right Experience with Visual Designer

Visual Designer is a quick and easy way to create voice and messaging applications with minimal or no programming skills. Simply drag and drop different elements of your communication flows from a menu of options. You can choose from a list of existing templates covering popular application use cases. 

There’s almost no limit to the types of experiences you can create with Visual Designer.

Going Forward

Number Masking, Smart 2FA, SMS and voice-based messaging with speech-to-text functionality are all CPaaS applications and features that business customers rely on to create effective digital customer experiences. With the power of CPaaS, communications providers can help deliver these services. 

By choosing Telestax for these solutions (rather than an over-the-top vendor) providers benefit from the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model, retaining traffic on their own network for additional control and service assurance.

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