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SMS for Cisco BroadSoft UC-One

With SMS for UC-One from Telestax, service providers can help enterprise customers to take advantage of SMS capabilities within the same client.

Cisco Systems-based BroadSoft UC-One is a rich unified communications (UC) platform that supplies messaging capabilities to individuals residing within its community. Telestax extends unified messaging to individuals residing outside of the UC-One platform.

The Rise of UC-One

As phone systems have evolved, so have communication parameters. When PBX became virtualized in software, it removed the need for large upfront capital expenditures. UC-One emerged to become a major communications and collaboration solution, with more than 600 service providers across 80 countries (including 25 of the top 30).

Demand for SMS

Studies have shown that customers and internal employees are often switching to, or prefer, SMS. According to the Pew Research Center, text messaging is the most frequently used smartphone feature, with response rates as high as 98 percent.

Unfortunately, UC-One (like many UC platforms) requires employees to break out of the system and use an unconnected device. For example, a sales person wishing to text a prospect will have to use their private mobile device to have the exchange – UNLESS the system is SMS enabled to allow texts to flow beyond its walls.

Going Forward

UC-One users can now take advantage of SMS capabilities within the same UC-One client. This eliminates the need to send SMS to contacts (internal or external) from a personal cell phone or third-party application.

Critical conversations are now tracked and kept secure on internal company networks. No changes in the endpoint software, retraining, or other large and expensive forklift upgrades are required. It’s also very quick to set up – SMS messaging from the UCaaS clients can occur within minutes.

Communications service providers can learn more about how to enable CPaaS for enterprise customers using UC-One by contacting

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