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SMS for Microsoft Teams

Telestax Message Exchange makes it easy for communications providers to SMS enable Microsoft Teams for their business customers, allowing them to send texts right from the application.

Serving over 115 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and applications integration. However, as an increasing percentage of the workforce performs their tasks remotely, frustration has arisen with the inability to send texts easily from within Microsoft Teams.

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With Message Exchange from Telestax, communications providers can now SMS enable Microsoft Teams and give users the ability to send and receive texts from within the interface. Utilizing this capability they can SMS enable any existing number in the United States or Canada, leverage direct routing to offer SMS on top of SIP trunking, and more to maximize value. Message Exchange has been developed as a user-friendly solution to the challenge of SMS enablement and comes loaded with a host of features.

Message Exchange with SMS Enablement Benefits Teams

Users can now send an SMS to an existing number and reduce the reliance on personal phone numbers for business communication. Companies gain immediate advantages by adding SMS functionality into their Microsoft Teams platform.

SMS in Action

With Microsoft Teams, the ability to send an SMS to a prospect or customer is simple and clear for both parties. The following screen capture depicts a conversation between a service organization and a customer.

In this example, an agent messages one of her new customers using Microsoft Teams. The text message is displayed on the customer’s device just as any communication would appear. With SMS, she is able to confirm that the customer’s service is active and quickly resolve a billing issue.

Message Exchange allows businesses to more effectively reach customers, delivering increased engagement and an improved user experience.

To learn more about how different departments in an organization can benefit from SMS in Microsoft Teams, as well as specific Message Exchange features, download the SMS for Microsoft Teams brochure today.

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