Recarga Veloz is one of two mobile airtime dealers representing Tigo-Honduras, the largest operator in the country with over a 65% market share. Recarga Veloz serves more than 20K transactions throughout its territory with approximately 500K transactions on a monthly basis. The company was experiencing explosive growth serving their mobile market so they decided to move further into PoS by offering a rich marketplace platform that connects retailers directly to consumers. Recarga Veloz utilized CPaaS to quickly implement and launch their PoS platform.

Recarga Veloz CEO, Agustin Torres McDonough, founded a sister company called Sompopo, an e-commerce platform targeted specifically at the Honduran market. Sompopo will cater to the needs of the Honduras population that does not have a relationship with a banking institution. This population segment, which is 70% of the country, does not carry a credit/debit card. Sompopo enables its customers to purchase products through a friendly shopping app that honors various payment methods.

Their current PaaS (Platform as a Service) significantly lacked needed functionality to enable development of and support for the new Sompopo platform. Specifically real-time voice, SMS and web based cloud communications capabilities. Recarga Veloz realized they needed the capabilities offered only by a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service). A CPaaS is a versatile platform that offers the ability to launch a massive number of real-time omnichannel campaigns and provide assessment metrics though ad-hoc reporting – crucial components that were absent in their current PaaS platform.

Recarga Veloz brought in PAiC Business Development (a Telestax Certified Preferred Partner) to help them build the new Sompopo platform. Utilizing RestcommONE Connect, PAiC built a tailored solution on top of the RestcommONE platform that met all Recarga Veloz’s requirements. The business logic and features were developed and deployed through the RestcommONE Visual Designer, which helped them gain visibility through rich reports that reported on all their KPIs. The Sompopo e-commerce platform, built by PAiC over RestcommONE platform, integrates Web, SMS and Voice capabilities that offers a multichannel solution. This enables Omnichannel communications capabilities to customers about their orders through web or SMS.

“We are very excited about the official launch of Sompopo Shop,” states Agustin Torres McDonough, founder of Sompopo. “We are certain that with our distribution network and the technology provided by the ResctommONE CPaaS platform, we will revolutionize the way people shop in our country. That is our goal.”

Sompopo Shop offers customers with a shopping portal (both web and mobile application) that enables cash transactions, the delivery of tangible products and selling of intangible products. It is a multifunctional platform that offers minimal logistics and storage costs and flexible payment methods.

Interaction among distributors/POS and buyers, facilitating the massive distribution of products in different geographies

  • Business-2-business sales
  • Straightforward registration process for distributors
  • Easy-to-use app for buyers

Different payment methods

  • Credit / debit card
  • Cash payment on authorized Points of Sale
  • Mobile Financial Services (e-Wallet)

Social network for Sompopo community to interact

  • News uploaded by the users
  • Feedback from the products uploaded to the social network

Sompopo has reached agreements with key partners across a wide range of markets (e.g. hardware stores, department stores, office supplies, toys, sports, techs, and much more). These partners are uploading thousands of products into virtual warehouses that are offered in the Sompopo platforms. Now millions of Hondurans can make purchases and receive them at their nearest PoS location.

Click here for more information about Sompopo Shop or RestcommOne CPaaS. We will be expecting you.

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