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Speech Recognition with Visual Designer

Adding Speech Recognition to communications applications can improve customer experience – and it’s easy with Visual Designer.

Speech Recognition has been widely used in contact centers to improve customer experience and cut costs. From accessibility options to machine learning and data collection initiatives, business sectors like healthcare, banking, hospitality, and service-based industries are discovering the many ways that Speech Recognition can help them meet their business goals.

Customers Show Preference for Voice Options

Studies show that over half of smartphone users regularly engage with voice technology on their mobile devices, while Adobe has found that not only are consumers embracing voice technology, nearly 3 out of 4 owners of smart speakers are using this function daily. 

Going hands-free offers an additional method to navigate menus, perform searches, shop for goods and services, provide information, and more.

Speech Recognition in Action

Speech Recognition can easily combine with other capabilities to create custom solutions. For example, a self-service hotel and lodging business with a number of vacation properties was challenged to provide multi-language support for guests. 

With a limited number of multi-language agents available for voice calls, it was important to find a solution that ensured that customers were able to communicate in their chosen language, while also guaranteeing both 24/7 support and immediate access to help in emergency or time-sensitive situations.

Using Speech Recognition with the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API, the system began to forward text-based requests to agents, immediately prioritizing emergency and time-sensitive calls and routing these to a live operator. 

Non-emergency text-based requests were also translated and passed along to an agent for quick and efficient follow up.

Create the Right Experience with Visual Designer

To facilitate the setup of Speech Recognition, smart communications providers are offering their business customers Visual Designer, part of the Telestax CPaaS platform.

Visual Designer is a quick and easy way to create voice and messaging applications with minimal or even no programming skills. Simply drag and drop different elements of your communication flows from a menu of options. 

For example, by adding the Collect verb, it’s possible to introduce Speech Recognition to a communications flow, such as an IVR. You can choose from a list of existing templates covering popular use cases, or design a custom application. 

There’s almost no limit to the types of experiences you can create with Visual Designer.

Going Forward

Number Masking, Smart 2FA, SMS and voice-based messaging with speech-to-text functionality are all CPaaS applications and features that business customers rely on to create effective digital customer experiences. With the power of CPaaS, communications providers can help deliver these services. 

By choosing Telestax for these solutions (rather than an over-the-top vendor) providers benefit from the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model, retaining traffic on their own network for additional control and service assurance.

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