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TADHack Global 2015 Summary

TADHack Global 2015 ran on 13-14 June across 15 locations (including remote). Its focus is helping developers discover the power of adding telecom capabilities to their apps, services and business processes. We’re going to see several of the hacks created going live for customers in the coming months. From telehealth to connected car, business messaging , crowd sourced transportaion and other verticals, inspiring apps came from all global participating locations.

Telestax is a founding member and a proud sponsor of each TADHack and TADSummit event since the inception of the TADx concept. The initiative has grown tremendously in only two years. I remember that at the very first TADSummit in Bangkok in November of 2013, there were about 200 attendees, mostly from APAC. Last weekend (June 12-14, 2015) we saw over 800 attendees participate at locations around the world. I can only imagine what the numbers will look like next year, knowing that we had to cut off several locations who wanted to join the global hackaton within 10 days of the start. 

I don’t know what the future holds, but I am very happy to be part of the rise of this grass roots, no fluff, Telecom App Development tide. 

TADHack Global 2015 - Telestax/Bandwidth winner - CallRail team

TADHack Global 2015 – Telestax/Bandwidth winner – CallRail team.

Here is a quick summary of TADHack Global 2015 by the numbers:

  • 1400 registrations
  • 800+ attendees
  • 90+ hacks across 14 locations + remote
  • Prizes
    • $33k in cash prizes
    • 1 Oculus Rift dev kit
    • 2 drones
    • 3 Apple watches
    • 5 * 12 months free TV subscription
    • 5 * 12 months free 4G subscription
    • 2 * Tessel bag of goodies (1k value each)
  • 88 winners
  • YouTube: Within the first 2 days after the event, 8500 mins & 3000 views

The official TADHack weblog provides a thorough TADHack Global 2015 Summary of the massive volume of content created over just one weekend.

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