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Take SMS Message Campaigns from Chaos to Complete

Telestax global communications partners can now enable their business customers to simplify even large volume text message campaign blasts in three easy steps with no coding or development.

Businesses today come up with all sorts of ways to make the buying experience better for their customers, from fun promos to extended shopping hours, free shipping, and more. One of the most important elements of the customer relationship, however, is communication. No matter how great the message, it is only effective if it gets heard by the right audience.

As a communications provider, businesses rely on your expertise for success. One of the ways to deliver on that expectation is to offer solutions that save time and yield results. With the prevalence of smartphones, SMS has become the communication method of choice for important and time-sensitive information. In fact, SMS is known to have a 90 percent read rate compared to email’s 15 percent, so why not send a text to your business customers?

The following example shows how a business owner with no development experience can create large-scale SMS-based promotions surrounding various holidays and themes with Campaign Manager.

Providing Effective Communications Solutions

With a calendar full of events and a list of promotions developed to drive sales, a business like ACME Florist can benefit from a solution that takes campaign ideas from chaos to complete.

Covering a tri-state area with only a small marketing team requires ACME to maximize their advertising budget. Starting with a list of campaign ideas from incentives to seasonal promotions, the team would ordinarily have to focus advertising dollars on just one or two. With Campaign Manager, ACME Florist can not only organize and schedule all of their seasonal campaigns in one easy platform, they can also blast these campaigns to millions of potential customers using SMS.

How It Works

  1. ACME Florist no doubt already has a database of phone numbers for their customers and leads. Importing that list into Campaign Manager is the first step. If necessary, the business can also purchase additional “From” phone numbers from their provider to appear on the receiving device display.
  2. Next, ACME Florist can choose the proper encoding and type in a message. With this step, it’s time to put all those great ideas to work. Campaign Manager offers support for both regular and multipart SMS messages. 3. Once the date and time of the campaign have been entered, the work is complete!

    From Chaos to Complete

    With Campaign Manager, businesses like ACME Florist can plan, organize, and schedule SMS and voice message campaigns in a way that works. Organizations can set up promotions months in advance, blasting content to millions of potential customers.

    To learn more about Campaign Manager for your business customers like ACME Florist, download this printable brochure, or contact for a product demo today.

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