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Telestax: Frost & Sullivan CPaaS Enabling Technology Winner

I am very pleased to say that Telestax was notified in June, by Frost and Sullivan, that we had earned their 2018 North American Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Since then, we spent two long months staying quiet so as not to pre-announce our achievement ahead of Frost and Sullivan. We can now tell the market how honored and excited we are to have been awarded this prestigious honor. It is important to note that Frost and Sullivan awards cannot be bought – they are truly earned. Companies that are in contention for a Frost and Sullivan award are not aware until the phone call comes with the great news. On behalf of all of the employees at Telestax I say thank you, Frost and Sullivan, for acknowledging all of the hard work the company has put into our RestcommONE CPaaS Enablement platform.

Find the Frost & Sullivan press release here.

Service Provider Challenge – as stated by Frost & Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan came to the conclusion that by far the most significant challenge facing service providers today is continuing to innovate on their core communications services to address the changing requirements of their customers.  This means that business communications must ultimately become embedded within applications to streamline workflows with click-to-call capabilities and share contextual information with the applications. For service providers, adding these capabilities to their existing services will require either a significant investment or working with an agile and innovative partner.  Frost and Sullivan believe that Telestax is that agile and innovative partner. And we most definitely agree!

Further, service providers delivering enterprise communications services are facing a dual threat to their core service offerings. On one hand, consumers and business customers are adopting new communications modalities, such as SMS text messaging and over the top (OTT) messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, compelling providers to offer creative alternatives. On the other hand, more traditional operators are experiencing competitive pressures from innovative new entrants, including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers and, increasingly Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers (like Twilio and Nexmo) that have already incorporated these modalities into their solutions.

If service providers do not take a stand against these new entrants, there is a big chance they will lose their existing enterprise customers forever.

An informative blog that provides the clear differentiation between CPaaS Providers and CPaaS enablers can be found here.

White Labeling – The Crown Jewels for CPaaS Enablement

When Telestax talks about CPaaS enablement, it is more than our full stack of technology. We are also talking about the ability to give service provider partners their own complete white labeled solution that is hosted and managed by Telestax. This is not a simple branding exercise on the end user’s portal. Rather, it is deep down throughout the entire platform including all URI and API references as well as all product and API documentation. And it doesn’t stop there. With our multi-tenant platform we also enable service providers to white label the user experience for any of their customers as well. Wouldn’t it be a significant competitive advantage for a service provider to go into one of their largest enterprise customers and have the entire user experience branded in their customer’s colors and their logo? And be able to offer them their “own CPaaS” to use and manage all of their internal communication needs? Through Telestax Enabling Technology Leadership, we are the only technology partner that can deliver such differentiating options.

A history lesson on why Telestax is so uniquely qualified to be your white label partner. As many may know, Telestax and our founding team have spent the last 10+ years developing and managing the largest open source communications community/project in the industry. During this time our team worked diligently behind the scenes helping small and large carriers around the world virtualize their networks and provide core infrastructure technology. We can be found in 80% of tier 1 carriers around the world. I can guarantee most every service provider has used our technology. I like to say that we are the “Intel Inside” of the virtualized telecommunications world.

The significance of Enabling Technology Leadership

Telestax is best-in-class in understanding demand, nurturing the brand, and differentiating from the competition. Together, these three categories equate success – for Telestax and our service provider partners.

Key Reasons Telestax Was Selected The Leader in CPaaS Enablement

Below are the two categories all CPaaS Enablement technologies were judged against. Telestax scored the highest in the group of competitors at 9.5 across the board.

Technology Leverage

  • Criterion 1: Commitment to Innovation

Requirement: Conscious, ongoing adoption of emerging technologies that enables new product development and enhances product performance

  • Criterion 2: Commitment to Creativity

Requirement: Technology leveraged to push the limits of form and function in the pursuit of “white space” innovation

  • Criterion 3: Stage Gate Efficiency

Requirement: Adoption of technology to enhance the stage gate process for launching new products and solutions

  • Criterion 4: Commercialization Success

Requirement: A proven track record of taking new technologies to market with a high rate of success

  • Criterion 5: Application Diversity

Requirement: The development and/or integration of technologies that serve multiple applications and can be embraced in multiple environments

Customer Impact

  • Criterion 1: Price/Performance Value

Requirement: Products or services offer the best value for the price, compared to similar offerings in the market

  • Criterion 2: Customer Purchase Experience

Requirement: Customers feel they are buying the most optimal solution that addresses both their unique needs and their unique constraints.

  • Criterion 3: Customer Ownership Experience

Requirement: Customers are proud to own the company’s product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service

  • Criterion 4: Customer Service Experience

Requirement: Customer service is accessible, fast, stress-free, and of high quality

  • Criterion 5: Brand Equity

Requirement: Customers have a positive view of the brand and exhibit high brand loyalty

Again, we are deeply honored to be acknowledged by Frost & Sullivan as the recipient for their 2018 North American Communications Platform as a Service Enabling Technology Leadership Award. We put a lot of thought and hard work into our platform and it is paying off.

If you would like to view the full Frost & Sullivan write-up on Telestax, click here to download the report.

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