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RestcommONE JSLEE 7.1.0.CR released!

We are proud to announce RestcommONE JSLEE 7.1.0.CR release. Certified against JAIN SLEE 1.1 (JSR 240) specification and working on top of Wildfly 10.1.0.

This version derives from the JAIN SLEE 7.1.0 Community version, with an emphasis on stability and reliability for real-world carrier grade deployments.

Latest changes in the RestcommONE JSLEE 7.1.0.CR release:

  • Now JAIN SLEE container is deployed as extension with modules
  • Migrated deployment process from deployer module to JAIN SLEE extension implementation
  • Migrated profiles and remote modules
  • Now JAIN SLEE container uses RestcommONE Cluster based on Infinispan
  • Cache structure changed to non-tree
  • Twiddle tool was migrated and based on Twiddle Standalone solution
  • jDiameter and jSS7 stacks now deploy as extensions with modules
  • SIP RA uses jSIP-HA based on Infinispan
  • Reworked all RAs


TelScale JSLEE 7.1.0.CR documentation:

In addition complete server documentation is available in the docs directory.

Last but not least your feedback is very important for us. If you discover a bug or have suggestions for a new feature, we would like to hear from you. You can use our Customer Portal to add bugs or new feature.

Moreover you can even be part of the Open Source GitHub JAIN SLEE project by contributing patches, documentation or tests. Check the JAIN SLEE Roadmap where we have already marked issues with “Help Wanted”.

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