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RestcommONE jSS7 6.1.1.GA is now available!


Telestax is pleased to announce the release of TelScale jSS7 Stack 6.1.1.GA. TelScale jSS7 Stack is the first and only Java based Open Source implementation of the SS7 protocol stack that is fully tested and supported by Telestax.

It provides implementation for MTP2MTP3ISUPSCCPTCAPCAMEL and MAP protocols for a dedicated equipment and also has in-built support for SIGTRAN (M3UA) over IP. TelScale jSS7 Stack strictly adheres to the standards and specifications defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The platform offers developers with a flexible API set that hides the lower layer details (legacy SS7 links or SIGTRAN) and therefore makes it simple and easy to develop SS7 applications.

Enterprises can now use TelScale jSS7 Stack to develop SS7 applications with the added assurance that the product is fully supported by Telestax.


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When you download the binary release and extract the contents of the zip file, you will notice that the top level directory is named telscale-ss7-<version> and within the telscale-ss7-<version>/ss7/docs folder you will find the TelScale jSS7 Stack Installation Guide and User Guide. For installation and usage guidance, please refer to these guides that will help you install and set up the SS7 Stack and use it.

What’s Included?

This release includes:

  • ASN
  • SCTP
  • SS7

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